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East Coast Poetry Club: Cory Decker

In addition to his poem, Cory Decker shared some insights into the inspiration for the poem, and questions to meditate on. You can find more of his poetry on Instagram, where he uses the handle @deckerwrites. Join the poetry club conversation on the @CBC_EastCoast Instagram account.

Read “Store Bought” by Newfoundland poet Cory Decker, and join the conversation on Instagram.

Welcome back to the East Coast Poetry Club. For our fourth week, we have the privilege of sharing Cory Decker's poem "Store Bought". Cory lives in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, with his wife and two children. He's currently working on his debut book of poetry. Today, he's sharing some thoughts on how this poem came to be and what you might take from it. 

The poem "Store Bought" was born from a sunrise. As it began to crest the mountains surrounding the city, I found myself asking the question of what it is that makes us feel the most connected to life, and if it is something that can be bought.   

    (Cory Decker)

    In this short poem, the first line touches on our desire for materialistic goods. I use the word "concrete" as a blanket term for the man made materials we all feel we need. At times, it feels our culture believes consumption is necessary for fulfilment.

    Unfortunately this materialism often produces man made feelings of joy that quickly dissipate once the shine wears off and one comes to the realization that the item sought for so fervently did not bring them the contentment for which they searched. The cycle is vicious and it's on to the next new thing. 

    The remainder of the poem is a call to return to the natural world. To find our mind in the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. To find our soul in the crashing of the waves. It is a suggestion to society that a reacquainting with nature and spirit may just hold the contentment they are looking for. 

    Here are some questions Cory suggests considering as you reflect on the poem:

    • At times do you feel defined by what you possess?
    • Do you think there is a link between social media and materialism?
    • Does being in nature make you feel more grounded and centred?

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    Cory Decker


    Cory Decker lives in Corner Brook, Newfoundland with his wife and two children. He likes to write poetry and is currently working on his debut poetry book. He loves running, the outdoors, and feels most at home on a beach or in the woods.