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An open conversation about racism: Meet the founders of Black Lives Matters N.L.

Ife Alaba chats virtually with the co-founders of Black Lives Matter NL as part of our Being Black in N.L. series.

Precious Familusi, Raven Khadeja and Brian Amadi co-founded BLM NL in June 2020

Brian Amadi, Precious Familusi and Raven Khadeja are the founders of Black Lives Matter N.L. (CBC )

After the murder of George Floyd, Precious Familusi, Brian Amadi and Raven Khadeja started talking back and forth in Facebook messages. 

"It was a time where we saw a lot of people rallying and we decided this was a time to talk about racism here in Newfoundland," said Precious Familusi. "People in Newfoundland are really friendly but this doesn't mean that racism doesn't exist." 

Those initial Facebook messages became the start of Black Lives Matter N.L., which Familusi, Khadeja and Amadi co-founded in June.

Amadi is quick to point out that the organization is more than just an activist group against racism. 

"Black Lives Matter doesn't just mean stopping racism, because stopping racism doesn't do much for Black lives that are already suffering from the effects of racism," Amadi said. 

For our latest segment of Being Black in N.L., host Ife Alaba speaks with Amadi, Familusi and Khadeja about their organization, the importance of having open and honest conversations about racism, and the need for anti-racism education.

WATCH | See Ife Alaba's interview with Black Lives Matter N.L.:

Being Black in N.L.: Meet the founders of Black Lives Matter N.L.

1 year ago
Duration 9:35
Ife Alaba chats virtually with Precious Familusi, Raven Khadeja and Brian Amadi, the co-founders Black Lives Matter N.L.

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