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Colleen Connors reports on western Newfoundland from CBC's bureau in Corner Brook.

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Growing Filipino community in Labrador hosts first sports meet

More than 300 Filipinos call Happy Valley-Goose Bay home. Now, an association is starting just for them, surrounded by sports and family.

Corner Brook is covered in craters as temperature changes crack the asphalt

The City of Corner Brook's director of public works says the city is combating the holes with a new method of heating recycled asphalt.

Former cop behind bars for lewd phone calls after years of court wrangling

Sean Kelly is now serving a 10-month sentence for offences from 2012, when he was an RNC constable in Corner Brook.

Patient hits paramedic and steals his own ambulance in Flower's Cove, say police

RCMP say a patient became violent, assaulted a paramedic and somehow got behind the wheel of the ambulance and drove off before ending up in a ditch two kilometres away. Charges are expected.

MHA Eddie Joyce says people are lined up 'to write the cheque' for him to run again

The former Liberal MHA who was kicked out of caucus amid allegations of harassment says he'll run independently in Humber-Bay of Islands in the upcoming provincial election.

Marble Mountain's ski season is over. Now what?

The Department of Tourism isn't saying much about three proposals to privately run Marble Mountain after another ski season is over and the off season revenue is about to start.

If you use a wheelchair, the Stephenville provincial building is not for you

Bill Jones of Stephenville is frustrated the main provincial building in Stephenville is not wheelchair accessible for his mother.

Co-authors embrace newfound fame as Homes fans gush in N.L.

Winnie Yeung and Abu Bakr al Rabeeah spoke to a group of eighty people in Corner Brook Wednesday night about their now-famous book, Homes.

Wiki women: Volunteers add female and non-binary artists to Wikipedia

Volunteers spent Thursday afternoon at an edit-a-thon, where contributors added content and full articles on Newfoundland and Labrador women to Wikipedia.

Stephenville mayor evicted from off-the-grid home after council vote

The mayor of Stephenville and his wife have been ordered to get out of their house, after the council declared their off-the-grid home contravened town rules.

Cyclists spin fat tires on cross-country ski trails in Corner Brook

Winter riders have discovered cross-country ski trails in Corner Brook to have the most ideal conditions.

West coast towns still in need of serious repair one year after 2018 floods

It's been a year since heavy rain devastated communities on Newfoundland's west coast, and town leaders are still looking for permanent infrastructure repairs.

The courts failed my daughter, says accuser's mom after sexual assault acquittal

"A broken bone will heal in time. A bruise will heal in time. Psychological trauma from sexual assault never heals."

Farewell, Mr. Fred: Corner Brook tips its hat to jeweler, war vet Fred Alteen

Even at 95, Alteen continued to work most days at the jewelry shop.

Corner Brook hair salon keeps dye out of the dump

Hair colouring, foils, plastic gloves, paper — it can all be repurposed or recycled, and Chatters Corner Brook is doing it.