Collectors: Why Barbie, Elvis and fake money matter

We've tracked down five super collectors. Watch these webisodes and find out what these people collect and why their collections are so important to them.
Collectors focuses on people's passions. (CBC)

Welcome to Collectors. People in Newfoundland and Labrador love to collect things symbolizing what they love. We've tracked down five super collectors, people who've invested a lot of time and money in their special passions — not that that matters to them.

Watch these five webisodes and find out what these people collect and why their collections are so important to them.

Collectors: Tibor Devai The Money Man

8 years ago
Duration 3:26
Tiobor Devai's love of paper money is about more than collecting, it's about family tradition

Tibor Devai — The Money Man

Originally from Hungary, Devai has collected paper money since he was a kid. His grandfather had a lot of paper money in his attic and that's how Devai's collection started. He came to Canada and settled in St. John's with his family. He thought Canadian Tire money was beautiful, so now he collects that.

Collectors: Joan Sears To: Joanie

8 years ago
Duration 5:16
When she was 11, Joan Sears thought people put so much effort into picking out greeting cards, they shouldn't be thrown away

Joanie Sears — To: Joanie 

Sears decided when she turned 11 that people put so much thought into picking out birthday cards they shouldn't be thrown away. So she's kept every single one since then. Now in her 50s, Sears doesn't quite know how many cards she has, maybe in the thousands. She says by collecting the cards, she has a piece of the people who are no longer with her. 

Collectors: Rebecca Hollett Barbies of Bellevue

8 years ago
Duration 3:55
Think her collection is childish? Rebecca Hollett says some of her Barbies are very expensive. You wouldn't buy them for your child

Rebecca Hollett — Barbies of Bellevue

Hollett lives in Bellevue where she has her own Barbie room. She's been collecting the fashion dolls since she was 9 or 10. Although she has a few from her childhood, nowadays, she doesn't just collect any old Barbie, So while her collection isn't huge, it's very well thought out. As for anyone who thinks her collection is childish, she says, "Some of these Barbies are very expensive, and you would not buy them for your child to play with."

Collectors: Sandra Vey Love Me Tender

8 years ago
Duration 6:13
Sandra Vey heard Elvis on the radio as a teen and then she saw him on TV. That's why Sandra Vey is "All Shook Up"

Sandra Vey — Love Me Tender

Vey heard Elvis on the radio, then saw him on TV and that was it. She joined his fan club at 16 and received a pin, but that was the only thing she ever got because Canadian Customs would send any Elvis packages back to the U.S. She has a whole room dedicated to Elvis. If it has to do with Elvis, she has it in that room. The weirdest thing she owns is — believe it or not — Elvis sweat.

Collectors: Dave Mullowney Wrestlemaniac

8 years ago
Duration 4:09
Collecting wrestling figures and souvenirs is not just a hobby for Dave Mullowney, it's a lifestyle.

Dave Mullowney — Wrestlemaniac

Mullowney came across wrestling while flicking through the TV channels at his friend's house when he was a kid, He said it was like watching superheroes coming to life. It changed his life.  His fave wrestler is Hulk Hogan who he actually ended up meeting. Mullowney has hundreds of wrestling action figures, books and DVDs. He can tell you anything and everything about his favourite subject. 

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