Clyde Jackman decides to retire this provincial election

Advanced Education and Skills Minister Clyde Jackman said Friday his political career will come to an end in November, when the provincial election is held.
Clyde Jackman is retiring from provincial politics in November. (CBC)

Clyde Jackman, a prominent cabinet minister under a series of Progressive Conservative premiers, said Friday his political career is coming to an end. 

"In this job, in politics, your life is not your own," Jackman told CBC News. 

"I'm 60 years old. I had a heart attack 10 years ago. I have 13 grandchildren, and I want to spend quality time with them," he said. 

Jackman has represented Burin-Placentia West since 2003, when Danny Williams led the Tories to government after 14 years of Liberal rule. 

Jackman has served in cabinet since 2006, in portfolios that include fisheries, tourism, education and environment, as well as his current portfolio of advanced education and skills. 

During his political career, Jackman spoke out about his own experiences of having been bullied while growing up. In 2013, he spearheaded a drive to address bullying in schools, as well as stronger measures against cyberbullying. 

Jackman said he loves the outdoors, enjoys kayaking and canoeing, and has made it a point to spend at least one day a year on the water with crab or cod fishermen.

"Don't be surprised if I don rubber boots and go fishing with the fellas in Baine Harbour, where I've lived for 38 years," he said. 

"If there's a crew that needs a man, I wouldn't mind doing that for a season."

With files from Marilyn Boone