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Clare Follett is Neck Deep in original music

Clare Follett of St. John's is still in high school, but she's already a seasoned musician and recording producer.

Have a First Listen to the debut solo album by teenage musician and producer

Clare Follett's debut album is called Neck Deep. (Courtesy Clare Follett)

Clare Follett is still in high school, but she is already a seasoned musician and recording producer.

In 2016, the St. John's musician arranged, performed and recorded the entire 52-song catalog of the band Marianas Trench.

This year, she's picked the best of her collection of 40 original songs to produce her debut album, Neck Deep

Follett knows she is a rarity in the world of music production, where producers are overwhelmingly older and male. She has some advice for other young women and girls following in her footsteps. 

"Just keep pushing through," said Follett.

"If you're good, you're good."

Have a listen to Clare Follett's conversation with Weekend AM host Heather Barrett.

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