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Biggest-ever Chinese New Year celebration held in St. John's

Chinese New Year celebrations have kicked off around the globe, and members of the Chinese community living in St. John’s got in on the action this weekend.

Founder of Chinese Association of N.L. honoured with Senate medal

A huge crowd turned out for Chinese New Year celebrations in St. John's on Saturday. (Alick Tsui)

Chinese New Year celebrations have kicked off around the globe, and members of the Chinese community living in St. John's got in on the action this weekend with the province's biggest celebration yet. 

On Saturday, the Chinese Association of Newfoundland and Labrador hosted around 375 people at the CLB Armoury for a dinner gala to celebrate the Year of the Dog.

"Chinese New Year is like Christmas here," said Frank Huang, vice-president of the association.

"All the families will gather today and have a big dinner, and the celebrations start from Chinese New Year's Eve for the next 10 to 15 days."

There was live music, performances, and more at the event. (Alick Tsui)
Chinese New Year officially kicked off Feb. 16, and Huang said this year's festivities were the biggest yet in the province, with attendees dressed to the nines to celebrate Chinese traditions.

The Year of the Dog promotes loyalty, friendliness and hard work, says Huang. 

Two women perform at the celebration, the biggest ever in St. John's. (Alick Tsui)

Medal given to CANL founder

At the event, there was dancing, musical performances, and the awarding of a Senate of Canada 150th Anniversary Medal to Dr. Kim Hong, a trailblazer for the Chinese community across Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Hong founded the Chinese Association of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1976, and enjoyed a long career as a radiation oncologist, well known for treating thousands of cancer patients across the province with compassion and grace. 

The medal was given out by Senator David Wells, and it was fitting that it was given on a night when Hong saw the association he founded throw its biggest party yet. 

Senator David Wells presents Dr. Kim Hong with a medal honouring his support of the Chinese community in Newfoundland and Labrador. (Alick Tsui)

"It's really to promote the Chinese culture that's here and to share the multiculturalism that's here with people that live in our community," said Mary Gin, a past president of the association. 

Mayor Danny Breen and Memorial University president Gary Kachanowski also attended the event.

Chinese New Year celebrations continue until March 2.