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Children's author Necie Mouland releases 'some crooked' book

Necie Mouland began writing and illustrating children's books in a happenstance way in 2007, when her hometown held a come home year celebration.
Author and illustrator Necie Mouland has just published her sixth children's book, You're Some Crooked. (Submitted)

Necie Mouland, the author of a newly-published children's book inspired by a familiar Newfoundland phrase, has come a long way from a child who loved to doodle while growing up on the Burin Peninsula. 

You're Some Crooked! takes its name from a way of describing someone with a sour mood. 

Mouland found her way into writing and illustrating children's books in a happenstance way in 2007, when her hometown of St. Bernard's-Jacques Fontaine held a come home year celebration.

"During that time I was living in here, in town, and so many wonderful people were doing so much to raise funds and raise money to get ready for it, and being so far away I couldn't do a lot," she said.

Bays, Bights and Tickles is Necie Mouland's third book. (Submitted)

"So, I created a website and did some graphics, and then created a book about growing up in that town, as a fundraiser for the church in the community," she told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show — while crediting the program, and former host Jeff Gilhooly, with giving her the exposure that led to a published career. 

"Someone from CBC actually picked up the book for come home year, [they] had me on the show, and things just kind of took off shortly after that," she said in an interview. 

Mouland said she's been drawing ever since childhood. That love of creative design morphed into a career as a website developer and graphic artist. 

​Her own children were the first book's "testers," in addition to friends who are primary school teachers. 

Since those formative days, Mouland has gone on to write and illustrate five more books. She says although writing children's books wasn't originally on her radar, she was inspired to continue once the first book was published.

"I got so much feedback. This could be anywhere in Newfoundland. So, I generalized it, and I dropped it to a couple of publishers," she said.

"I had some interest, but after this show, the interest became something real. I did not expect it to become as big as it's become. It's been a wonderful ride, I have to say."

Kettle Cove, Noddy Bay, Happy Adventure

Mouland's books are full of colourful illustrations, with unique wording and place names that help young children understand Newfoundland and Labrador colloquialisms and locales. 

She's heard from people from all around the world, including in Australia and Japan — but Mouland added that her audience is not as young as one might think.

Earlier this week, Necie Mouland told the St. John's Morning Show about her journey of writing children's books. (Geoff Bartlett/CBC)

"Yes, children, for sure love the books. But I know of so many adults who've received these books as gifts. The audience is zero to 90," she said.

When asked what's next, Mouland was quick to say "more books."

"I'd like to do some charity. Proceeds will help some of my favourite charities ... I'd like to do more of that," she said.

Mouland's books are currently in libraries of Newfoundland and Labrador schools, as well as in gift shops and stores across the province.