Cec Haire


Cec Haire reports for CBC News from St. John's.

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Remember DarkNL? Andy Wells says N.L. can't prevent rolling blackouts post-Muskrat Falls

The former head of the PUB says there's no backup plan for when the province's new hydroelectric project goes down.

Preventing heavy equipment theft 'almost as easy as stealing,' say experts

With five heavy equipment thefts in the province already in 2019, two experts have a little advice for owners and operators.

This Royal Newfoundland Regiment drum is a history mystery

A rare musical instrument on display at the regiment's museum has sparked a search into its origins spanning decades and provinces.

Bad dog? Stop rewarding things you don't want, says dog trainer

The most common mistake dog owners make is unintentionally rewarding unwanted behaviour, says dog trainer Glenn Redmond.

People are N.L.'s greatest contribution to Canada: Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer feels the people from Newfoundland and Labrador have made their presence felt and known on the Canadian landscape since confederation.

Shady business: 10 tips to keep summer skin safe — even in RDF

Dermatologist Ian Landells is busting the myth that you need sunscreen only when it's sunny.

$200K for private security in 2 northeast Avalon towns

Torbay, Portugal Cove-St. Philip's officials say they're not satisfied with RNC patrols.

Driver charged after Pitts Memorial crash that left passenger partially paralyzed

The RNC has laid a charge in connection with a single-vehicle rollover crash on Pitts Memorial Drive that left 21-year-old passenger Morgan Pardy paralyzed from the waist down.

Charge what it's worth: Dean of business says low tuition not best for MUN or province

The dean of MUN's faculty of business administration says the university should charge what its programs are worth to generate badly needed revenue.

Volunteers recruited for Outer Ring Road cleanup

The provincial government plans to close the entire length of the ORR for a clean up and is asking people to help out.

Despite best efforts to curb it, illegal dumping continues in C.B.S.

"It's absolutely disgusting," says Conception Bay South Mayor Steve Tessier.

More emphasis on addictions still needed: outreach group

An outreach program for young people in St. John's says more needs to be done for the addiction problem in the province.

Too dangerous to go fishing due to ice, Coast Guard warns

The Canadian Coast Guard says it's very dangerous on the northeast coast of Newfoundland because of heavy ice that's packed in to bays due to last weekend's storm.

Last chance to have your say in St. John's robo-garbage plan

The city of St. John's will hold 12 public sessions to hear from people on the automated garbage collection plan and answer questions.

Clear bag pilot project boosts recycling blahs in Mount Pearl

It's not clear-cut by any means, but it seems residents in Mount Pearl are more recycling-conscious when forced to use see-through bags.