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Winter, you're gorgeous! Check out our audience photo gallery

We love your photos! Email to

We do love your photos! Email to

A fabulous shot from Pat Thompson, taken at the Signal Hill headlands. (Submitted by Pat Thompson)

The tremendous winter scenics continue again this week!

Twillingate, Bonavista, Terra Nova and Happy Valley-Goose Bay are just some of the places we take you via our photo gallery.

Do check back regularly, as we make additions during the week. Enjoy!

The sun cast unusual light on these Labrador juniper trees, in this photo from Garry Etheridge. Taken about 70 kilometres from L'Anse au Loup. (Submitted by Garry Etheridge)
A frosty but beautiful morning in Rigolet, Labrador. (Submitted by Shione Dicker)
Taken at dawn on Jan. 18 on the East Coast Trail in Logy Bay. (Submitted by Pat Thompson)
You can see the chill in the air! Dwayne Head took this snap on Jan. 19 at sunrise in Wabush, where the wind chill was -45. (Submitted by Dwayne Head)
A gorgeous sky at Malady Head, in Terra Nova National Park. (Submitted by Tom Eagan)
Ruth Darlene Purchase's 22-month-old grandson was busy shovelling, helping his mom clean up after this week's storm in Gander. (Submitted by Ruth Darlene Purchase)
A stunning photo, taken at Holmes Cove on the way to Twillingate. (Submitted by Lorne Hiscock)
A lovely sunset taken at what the locals call 'the shacks' in Stephenville Crossing. (Submitted by Kayla Downey)

A grand shot from Chad Haggett, taken in Gorge Park, Grand Falls-Windsor. (Submitted by Chad Haggett)
Kayla Hiscock says Midnight loves when it snows. No shortage of late! (Submitted by Kayla Hiscock)
The Gambo trestle is visible from Joey’s Lookout, which is where Melissa Hefford snapped this photo. (Submitted by Melissa Hefford)
Such a beautiful sunrise at Terra Nova. (Submitted by Tracey Vatcher)
A pretty fishing scene at Old Perlican, Trinity Bay. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A great day for a tromp in the snow. Taken at Terra Nova. (Submitted by Tracey Vatcher)
Petty Harbour at dawn: as still as can be. (Submitted by Pat Thompson)
A stunning photo, taken at the Birch Island boardwalk in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Amy Montague)
What a glorious day to be outdoors! Thelma Crossley took this snap while snowshoeing on the Daniel's Harbour trail. (Submitted by Thelma Crossley)
Ice crystals abound in Gander, after the Jan. 4 ice storm. Kayla Howell took this pic near the town's airport. (Submitted by Kayla Howell)
Despite the icy conditions last week, the glitter sure was pretty in Mount Pearl. (Published by Tom Eagan )
Sharon Topping says as she was driving past Witless Bay, she just had to stop and take a photo of this gorgeous sunrise. (Submitted by Sharon Topping )
The many colours of the Battery area of St. John's. (Submitted by Megan Fifield)
The wave action is spectacular in Bonavista. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
Pretty as a postcard! Lorraine Patey captured this photo, while looking across Birchy Lake. (Submitted by Lorraine Patey)

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