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Splashes, snowfalls and December's beauty: Enjoy our latest audience gallery

We love your photos! Email to

We love your photos! Email to

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      We're at that stage of the year when autumn gives way to winter, and you'll see evidence of that in our newest gallery of photos that members of our audience have submitted

       Hope you like it! Check back regularly, as we do make additions during the week. 

      We have a suggestion for you on how to best enjoy our gallery. If you're using a laptop, a desktop computer or a browser on a phone, click on the squares on the bottom right corner of the gallery to see these photos in a larger format. 

      Send us a photo!

      We welcome contributions to our gallery. The easiest way? Email directly to us.

      Please use this address:

      Here's what we need: your name, where the photo was taken, and if you'd supply a caption that tells us what's in the image, we'd appreciate it. Please add any information that you think our readers would enjoy!

      We share photos we receive here, and we might also use them on Here & Now each weeknight during Ashley Brauweiler's weather segments, as well as on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and on our Instagram account. We always give credit. 

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