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Is that you, spring? Check out our latest audience photo gallery

We love your photos! Email to

We love your photos! Email to

Susan Smith-Vincent captured this beautiful sunrise in Botwood - the first of the spring season. See the side profile lying on top of the water? (Submitted by Susan Smith-Vincent)

Spring has arrived — and we're all looking forward to a respite from cold, wintry weather. If you're loving the many snowscapes in western and northern Newfoundland, or across Labrador — enjoy those too!

Our submissions this week are from all across the province. Be sure to check back regularly, as we make additions during the week.

A stunning capture from Harrison Bragg, taken as the moon rose over the Long Range Mountains in Searston, Codroy Valley. (Submitted by Harrison Bragg)
Tara Rowsell took this photo on the first day of spring - with the first drop of maple sap in central Newfoundland. (Submitted by Tara Rowsell)
Wanda Rossiter sent us this terrific image, of this week's equinox moon. She wrote: "I'd like to share a shot I was blessed to both see and get on my walk home on La Manche Road." (Submitted by Wanda Rossiter)
Well, hello there! This squirrel was peering through a patio door window, and Amy Bowen was able to get a snap. (Submitted by Amy Bowns)
Another terrific shot of this week's moon, from Dot Ezekiel. Taken in Mount Carmel. (Submitted by Dot Ezekiel)
It was a beautiful day in Rattling Brook/King’s Point, when Ruby Piercey snapped this photo. (Submitted by Ruby Piercey)
A busy spot! Ice fishing for smelts in a pond known as 'the gut' in Clarke's Beach, Cathy Carroll's hometown. (Submitted by Cathy Carroll)
This pooch was enjoying some outdoors time under the moonlight in Paradise. (Submitted by Robbie Martin)
An evocative view by the end of a trail near St. Lawrence, on the Burin Peninsula. (Submitted by Matthew Woodland)
Waiting for the bus? A fox that's been living in the Signal Hill area paused for a moment in a conspicuous spot. (Submitted by Javad Abedini)
Watch out, New York City! Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's has its own "hot duck" now, thanks to this tufted duck. (Submitted by Bill Perks)
The evening skies are so crisp in March. This is a view of a sunset in Paradise. (Submitted by Sheldon Cribb)
The moon seemed perfectly placed over this steeple in Bonavista. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
The 'super worm moon' rose over Trepassey on Wednesday evening. (Submitted by Clifford Doran)
A March day at Quidi Vidi Village. You can see the effects of the recent thaw. (Submitted by Mike Hennessey)
We love how the icy water in Burnside picks up the colours of the sky! (Submitted by Penney Turner)
"Enjoying the sunny daze," says Michelle Russell in this photo about making the best of the snow on the ground in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Michelle Russell)
While out visiting family in Green’s Harbour, Trinity Bay, Ruby Piercey captured this pretty pic. (Submitted by Ruby Piercey)
Crystal clear water in Fortune, on a very calm day. Murdock Hiscock says there wasn't a breath of wind! (Submitted by Murdock Hiscock)
The CCGS George R. Pearkes was in Lewisporte March 9, clearing a channel for the Fogo Island-Change Islands-Farewell ferry that later tied up at the wharf. (Submitted by Dale Guy)
The first morning of daylight saving time brought a clear blue sky and sunshine in Mount Pearl. Neville Webb writes: "Maybe the first sign of spring weather is wind-shaped icicles growing downwards from the eavestroughing. But, it's not really springtime yet as the tree branches are still bare!" (Submitted by Neville Webb)
Awwww, sweet! Kristi Bourne took this photo of her 10-month-old, ice fishing for the first time. (Submitted by Kristi Bourne)
A glorious sunset in River of Ponds. (Submitted by Lillian Patey)
A breathtaking image of the Tablelands from Kathleen Andrews, taken on Feb. 12. (Submitted by Kathleen Andrews)
Beautiful Northern Bay Sands, in early March. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A fine shot of the lighthouse at Cape Spear, from Stuart Reid. (Submitted by Stuart Reid)
Still a bit of ice on the shoreline at St. Joseph’s. (Submitted by Brian Singleton)
The ducks are looking toward the rising sun at Quidi Vidi. (Submitted by Harry Sheppard)
This was Connie Boland's view in Bottle Cove, Lark Harbour. (Submitted by Connie Boland)
Still some thick chunks of ice on these rocks in Garnish. (Submitted by Murdock Hiscock)
Western Brook gorge at sunset. Beautiful! (Submitted by Mike Jackson)
Enjoying a day on Rabbit Island in Lake Melville, Labrador. (Submitted by Scott Pike)
Spring may be nigh, but there's still plenty of snow in Labrador West! Mark Pritchett snapped this photo on Smokey Mountain. (Submitted by Mark Pritchett)
Such a lovely sunrise at Catalina harbour. (Submitted by Roy Lodge)
Looking out over the ice from the Northern Peninsula. Valerie House says that up in the upper right corner, you can just see the Labrador coastline on the horizon. (Submitted by Valerie House)
A beautiful mirror image at Bottle Cove, Lark Harbour. (Submitted by Connie Boland)
A great day in Marystown to snap a pic! (Submitted by Corwin Cornish)

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