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How about those sunsets! Check out our latest audience gallery

We do love to see your photos! Email us:

We do love to see your photos! Email us:

A spectacular sunset at Selby Pond, in the Millertown area. (Submitted by John Blackwood)

Welcome, June!

We love to receive your photos. Please see our instructions below on how to submit images, and remember to follow physical distancing rules made because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enjoy our gallery, and do visit again as we add fresh photos throughout the week!

The sun sets over the golf course in Gander. Beautiful! (Submitted by Scott Cook)
Loving the pastels in this photo from Kim Ploughman. (Submitted by Kim Ploughman)
An awesome shot from Jackie Hookey Neehuis, taken at dawn in Port Rexton. (Submitted by Jackie Hookey Neehuis)
A breathtaking beach at Grand Bay West, on Newfoundland's southwest coast. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
A gorgeous sunset at Topsail Beach. (Submitted by Ron Glavine)
A treat for the eyes! These tulips were spotted on Water Street in Bay Roberts. (Submitted by Deborah Symonds)
A lovely sunset in Champney’s East, Trinity Bay. (Submitted by Holly Stagg)
Canada geese always make for a grand photo. This one was taken at Norris Arm. (Submitted by Eldon Purchase)
Jackie McGrath snapped this pretty pic at her cabin in Labrador City. She calls it 'spring thaw.' (Submitted by Jackie McGrath)
Deborah Symonds was able to capture this sweet snap of a Savannah sparrow at the Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail, Bay Roberts. (Submitted by Deborah Symonds)
The sunset at the Gull Island Pond boardwalk in Conception Bay North had a 'rare windless evening,' says Eugene Howell. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A glorious evening at Portugal Cove, where you'll see some of the most spectacular sunsets in the province. (Submitted by Kim Ploughman)
Flat calm! Julie Baggs snapped this beauty while paddling in Burgeo. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
Such a pretty sunset at St. Shott's. (Submitted by Diane Molloy)
What a day! Taken at the Birch Island boardwalk in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Justin Matthews)
A lovely flower with 'a little light and a mist of water added,' says Dave Green. Taken in Stephenville. (Submitted by Dave Green)
A grand view of St. John's at sunset, from Tim Noel. (Submitted by Tim Noel)
Rob Coombs captured this terrific photo and included a note: 'It was a nice transition to evening, well after sunset in Long Pond.' (Submitted by Rob Coombs)
A lovely and calm day in St. John's! Taken at the Fort Amherst Harbour Authority Small Boat Basin. (Submitted by Anne Madden)
A fine shot of a loon in Little Catalina harbour. (Submitted by John Mason)
Wayne Penney's May 25 view of the iceberg in Port Rexton. (Submitted by Wayne Penney)
Eugene Howell sent us this photo and a lovely note: 'The overfalls at Gull Island in Conception Bay North is truly a magnificent piece of natural beauty. I think it is one of the best natural landmarks in all of Conception Bay.' (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
Ann Miller says it was a 'Gorgeous day setting lobster pots in Grand Bank.' (Submitted by Ann Miller)
A mirror reflection in St. John's harbour. (Submitted by Anne Madden)
A beauty of an evening at the trestle in Terra Nova. (Submitted by Ena Young)

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