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Ice, big skies & stunning scenics! Check out our latest audience gallery

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What a day for a ski! Taken on the Nordic Ski Trails, Gander. (Submitted by Elizabeth Tibbo)

The stunning scenics just keep coming!

Ice, snow, sunrises and sunsets — take a look at this week's beautiful array of images from across Newfoundland and Labrador.

Do check back regularly, as we make additions during the week. Enjoy!

Meet George! Owner Danielle Hickey says he loves walking in the woods, especially when there's a fresh snowfall. Taken in Shoal Harbour. (Submitted by Danielle Hickey)
The early morning sunrise glistens over Northern Bay. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
Heading out to catch some smelt on Gambo Pond. (Submitted by Kevin O'Leary)
Blue skies over the Bay of Exploits, showing Botwood surrounded by ice. (Submitted by Linda Lane)
This photo of George's Lake, in western Newfoundland, gives new meaning to the winter blues. It was taken in late January. (Submitted by Randy Alexander)
A spectacular sky over Channel-Port aux Basques! (Submitted by Fred Cousins)
Picture perfect! Sean Parsons sent us this stunning image, taken in Gros Morne National Park. (Submitted by Sean Parsons)
Woww! Morning sky over John's Beach, Humber Arm South. (Submitted by Trina King)
A fantastic photo from regular contributor Perry J. Howlett, taken Feb. 13 at Cuckhold's Cove. (Submitted by Perry J. Howlett)
A glorious morning in Botwood. (Submitted by Susan Smith-Vincent)
What a perfect wave! Murdock Hiscock snapped this image between Grand Bank and Fortune. (Submitted by Murdock Hiscock)
Lorne Hiscock snapped this lovely photo in Horwood. He wrote, "The wood piled between the trees caught my attention as setting sun shone on it. By the way they're juniper. Enjoy." (Submitted by Lorne Hiscock)
Errol Andersen sent along this photo, taken on Feb. 13 in Makkovik. That's a LOT of snow! (Submitted by Errol Andersen)
Mark Gray took this superb photo in Bonavista on Feb. 13 and wrote: "The sky and sun seem to hint at weather coming. Hmmm ... how much snow, I wonder?" (Submitted by Mark Gray)
We're loving the angle in this pretty photo, taken in historic Quidi Vidi. (Submitted by Anne Madden)
A multi-coloured sunset over Bonavista, as captured by Eric Abbott. Lovely! (Submitted by Eric Abbott)
A striking winter sky over the cliffs at Burnt Point in Conception Bay. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A lovely scene at Neville's Pond in Paradise. (Submitted by Colin Lane)
That's Puffin Island Lighthouse in scenic Greenspond. Love the pops of colour! (Josephine Kelly-Janes)
The beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park is a beautiful sight, any time of year. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
Well ... how 'bout that! Loving how the snow formed these 'cups' on the deck's lattice work. (Submitted by Janice Sweetland)
Happy trails from the 'Shooterville lodge boys!' The group enjoyed a snowmobile run in Gros Morne National Park on Feb. 6, on a stellar winter's day. (Submitted by Sean Parsons)
What a day for a hike! Todd Maloney snapped this photo on Jiggin' Head in Summerville. (Submitted by Todd Maloney)
Debby Gulliver says it was a beautiful weekend at the cabin, in Lawrence Pond, Upper Gullies. (Submitted by Debby Gulliver)
Not something you see every day! It was beautiful and cold in Wesleyville, as the ice formed around these rocks near the shoreline. (Submitted by Kevin O'Leary)
How about these colours? Joanne Keeping snapped this photo on Ramea Island. (Submitted by Joanne Keeping)
Rob Marche calls Serpentine Valley a "snowmobiling paradise." We agree! (Submitted by Rob Marche)
A stunning sunrise in Lourdes de Blanc Sablon, Quebec, located on the Labrador border. (Submitted by Ada Davis)
A gorgeous sunset over Gander Bay. (Submitted by Jamie Francis)
Lillian Patey spotted this ptarmigan while on a snowmobile ride at River of Ponds. (Submitted by Lillian Patey)
It was very, very cold ... but very, very beautiful during a weekend hike in Holyrood. (Submitted by Vanessa Cantwell )
The clouds in the winter sky practically glow in this photo from Gull Island in Conception Bay. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A cold crisp day in the sunshine at this lake in Labrador. Perfectly calm! (Submitted by Greg Brother)
The colours are vibrant in this sunset over Mount Peyton. (Submitted by Nathan Gillingham)
With Valentine's Day in the air ... Dan Rumbolt sent us this great photo and wrote, "When you live in the bay and can't buy that Hallmark Card." (Submitted by Dan Rumbolt)
Winter stillness in Greenspond, in this image taken in January. (Submitted by Juliet deWal)
"Another stunning Saturday sundown at the cabin," writes Corina Reid. (Submitted by Corina Reid)
A beautiful photo from Luke Pittman, taken while skating with friends on Rushy Pond, Grand Falls-Windsor. (Submitted by Luke Pittman)
"Can’t beat the view in any season," writes Wendy Hynes, who shared this photo after a snowshoeing trip up Burnt Hill in Norris Point, in the heart of Gros Morne National Park. (Submitted by Wendy Hynes)
Susan Smith-Vincent took this beauty in Botwood, and said in her lovely note: “There was never a night or problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” (Submitted by Susan Smith-Vincent)
A gorgeous sunrise over Port Saunders. (Submitted by Gerald House)
A glorious winter day in Portugal Cove. (Submitted by Ciaran Grealis)
Darren Earle snapped this photo while on the Nordic Ski Trail in Gander. He wrote, "A little different perspective ... if these skis could talk what would they be saying?" (Submitted by Darren Earle)
Linda Lane said Thunder Brook Falls was quiet on Feb. 9. The falls are just west of Grand Falls-Windsor. (Submitted by Linda Lane)
A great view of St. John Island, west of Rigolet, Labrador. (Submitted by Dermot Kenny)

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