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Rich colours, longer evenings, and all that weather! Enjoy our latest audience gallery

We love your photos! Email to

We love your photos! Email to

A sure sign of spring: the appearance of pussy willows. Anne Madden took this lovely snap Friday at the Johnson GeoPark in St. John's. (Submitted by Anne Madden)

We've got a real mixed bag of interesting types of photos from all across the province in this week's gallery.

Bergy bits, eagles, landscapes, gorgeous skies, wildlife — and even a cat dressed up for Easter.   

Do enjoy the gallery, and check back regularly, as we make additions during the week.

Jasmine had fun posing in front of the many bergy bits that have come ashore in Bonavista. (Submitted by Eric Abbott)
Sunset at Cobb's Pond, Gander. (Submitted by Rodger Primmer)
Kylie Goodyear was having a little fun and decided to dress family cat Marley for the Easter season. (Submitted by Kylie Goodyear)
Penney Turner took this awesome shot in Greenspond. (Submitted by Penney Turner)
Brilliant pinks peeking through the harbour fence in St. John's! Thanks to Delores Foley for this shot. (Submitted by Delores Foley)
Freezing rain is never nice to be in, but it sure leaves a pretty picture. Thanks to Wayne Hebb for this shot. (Submitted by Wayne Hebb)
Kim Taggart Craig caught this gorgeous sunset in Manuels. (Submitted by Kim Taggart Craig )
On the watch, in Norris Arm South. (Submitted by Eldon Purchase)
Such a pretty pic from Eugene Howell, of Patrick’s Pond in Conception Bay North. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A stunning sunset over Westport. (Submitted by Benson Jacobs)
We love the lines and the colours in this photo, of the sun coming up over Holyrood Pond at St. Vincent's. (Submitted by Rita Raymond)
This is the view from Millville in the Codroy Valley, looking at the Grand Codroy River and the Long Range Mountains. Spectacular! (Submitted by Melissa Samms)
Newtown, on a perfectly still Saturday in spring. (Submitted by Penney Turner)
Sandy Cove is famous for its beach ... and its sunrises are pretty special, too. (Submitted by Steve Cooney)
One of the Cuckhold's Cove eagle parents brings a branch to its nest. We hear there's one egg there already! (Submitted by Perry J. Howlett)
Salvage, on a glorious spring day. (Submitted by Penney Turner)
It's tough to tire of this view of the Narrows in St. John's. (Submitted by David Hiscock)
Regular contributor Anne Madden snapped this lovely photo at Broad Cove, just behind the Cape Spear lighthouse on the East Coast Trail. She wrote, "The snow is almost gone (for now)!" We hope so, Anne. (Submitted by Anne Madden)
Is there anything quite like a boilup in the great outdoors? Lorne Hiscock and his wife recently did just that, while at their cabin. He wrote, "There is nothing and I mean nothing can take the place of a cup of tea in the woods. Notice the tea in the kettle boiling. You would never let your tea boil at home ... but in the woods it is wonderful." (Submitted by Lorne Hiscock)
It was a real winter wonderland when Tara Jenkins took this pretty photo in Springdale on April 7. (Submitted by Tara Jenkins)
A beautiful morning at Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's. Bill Perks says "After a windy few days you can see 'windcicles' on the grass." (Submitted by Bill Perks)
This fox seems quite curious about the camera on Little Bay Islands. (Submitted by Michael Parsons)
Vibrant colours in this snap from Murdock Hiscock, taken at sunrise in Fortune. (Submitted by Murdock Hiscock)
Alexander Bay, Glovertown, on a gorgeous April day. (Submitted by Penny Osborne)

Got a favourite photo?

We welcome contributions to our gallery. 

The easiest way to reach us? Email directly to, a dedicated address just for photo submissions.

Here's what we need from you: your name, where the photo was taken, and a caption that tells us what's in the image. We encourage you to add any information that you think our readers would enjoy!

We share photos we receive here, and we might also use them on Here & Now each weeknight during Ashley Brauweiler's weather segments, as well as on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and on our Instagram account. And we always give credit! 

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