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Something clicked: Here are the most wonderful photos we received this year

What a year for photos!

What a year for photos!

This just might be one of the sweetest photos we received in 2019. Mama Maple posed with her two new babes, who were born Jan. 29. (Submitted by Steve McBride)

This year, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador received thousands of audience photos. Yes, thousands

Your photos have engaged and delighted us, and each week followers of the gallery tell us how much they're enjoying what you submit. So, take a bow! 

When we started the process of selecting the best photos of the year, we were overwhelmed with the sheer volume of images that were posted in 2019.

You might wonder, exactly what are the criteria for judging? It could be the lighting of a photo, the composition, or the colours — but often it's when an image resonates with us, and sometimes the effect is pure magic.

We've put together a host of fabulous photos — best enjoyed with your feet up and a hot cuppa.

Bits & bobs, nooks & crannies

Penney Turner took this awesome shot in Greenspond. (Submitted by Penney Turner)
We love the mix of colours in this photo from Mark Gray. Taken in Trinity. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
A sure sign of spring: the appearance of pussy willows. Anne Madden took this lovely snap in mid-April at the Johnson GeoPark in St. John's. (Submitted by Anne Madden)
From February, enjoying an idyllic winter's day in Massey Drive. (Submitted by Andy Sweetland)
Such a pretty setting - Lumsden Beach North. (Submitted by Vardy Gidge)
Little Bay Islands, on a mild day in April. (Submitted by Michael Parsons)
Such fabulous colour in this Elliston root cellar. The town has 130 cellars, half of which are still in use! (Submitted by Tom Eagan)
A fabulous shot from Pat Thompson, taken at the Signal Hill headlands in January. (Submitted by Pat Thompson)
Bottoms up! A grand photo from Bill Perks, taken at Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's. (Submitted by Bill Perks)
This was the view in mid-February at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Burgeo. A lot of ice, but a fair bit of sand too. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
Walter Gill shared this image of Twillingate harbour on a calm June day. (Submitted by Walter Gill)
Pure wonder! Jessica Brennan's son, Sam, was intrigued with the annual light festival at MUN's Botanical Garden. (Submitted by Jessica Brennan)

Light and dark: stunning captures

It was a clear day at First Pond — and not a bit of wind — when Craig Noseworthy was heading to Francois for work in early October. (Submitted by Craig Noseworthy )
Mark Pritchett took this lovely photo while kayaking on Shabogamo Lake, Labrador. (Submitted by Mark Pritchett)
Western Brook gorge at sunset. Beautiful! (Submitted by Mike Jackson)
A stunning morning at the Birch Island boardwalk in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Amy Montague)
What a view! Pat Thompson took this terrific photo at Cape Spear and wrote, 'It seemed only right to get a start on the New Year by getting out of bed and enjoying the sunrise.' (Submitted by Pat Thompson)
A beautiful shot from Vanessa Mooney, taken in Southeast Placentia. (Submitted by Vanessa Mooney)
An artistic take on beautiful Trinity Bight. (Submitted by Tom Eagan)
Northern Bay Sands, on a gorgeous late summer's evening. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A glorious June sunrise over Little Bay Islands. (Submitted by Michael Parsons)
An amazing aurora — also known as the northern lights — over Labrador City in September. (Submitted by Larry Jenkins)
Things were still pretty frozen in Bauline at the end of March, but the skies sure made up for it! (Submitted by Mike Wheeler)
Ian Winter captured this panorama from Signal Hill in St. John's. (Submitted by Ian Winter)
Off-the-charts amazing colour! Clifford Doran took this photo on the morning of Sept. 7 in Trepassey. (Submitted by Clifford Doran)
What a view! A gorgeous sky over the Gander Golf Course. (Submitted by Bert Peddle)
A stunning sunrise at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Burgeo. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
Hugh Stone took this photo from his yard in Monroe. Lovely! (Submitted by Hugh Stone)
Aaron Mawhinney snapped this image of the northern lights near Nain, Labrador on Feb. 1. (Submitted by Aaron Mawhinney)
Jamie Mercer witnessed an incredible fall sunrise in St. John's. He wrote: 'This is the view from my desk this morning, through the Narrows. It's too bad they always have that large crane in the way, but I've never seen the sky this vibrant in the morning!' (Submitted by Jamie Mercer)
Flat calm at North Pond, which is located near Gambo. (Submitted by Sean Jackson)
Holmes Cove is on the way to Twillingate, where Lorne Hiscock stopped to take in this beautiful sunset. (Submitted by Lorne Hiscock)
It was such a calm evening in Mobile, where Evelyn Johnson captured this image in June. (Submitted by Evelyn Johnson)
A stunning sky over Botwood. (Submitted by Susan Smith-Vincent)
Amazing colour in this sunrise photo from Robert Royle. Taken at Second Pond. (Submitted by Robert Royle)
Brianna Loder shared her photo of a brilliant sunrise in Torbay. (Submitted by Lorelei Loder)
Janice Ronan took in this breathtaking sunset at Angle Pond, Mahers. (Submitted by Janice Ronan)
A terrific photo from Declan Flynn, taken of the old railway bridge in Port Blandford. He wrotes, 'It was a beautiful clear calm night, sitting on the bridge for an hour and a half trying to get a good image ... I didn't notice the time passing. Even at night, Newfoundland is a beautiful place to live.' (Submitted by Declan Flynn)

Fin, fur and feather 

When Kayla Hiscock submitted this image in January, she wrote that Midnight loves to frolic in the snow. (Submitted by Kayla Hiscock)
A cormorant snacking. (Submitted by Kylie Goodyear)
From July, Javad Luxar photographed these cute fox kits in Bonavista. (Submitted by Javad Luxar)
One of the Cuckold's Cove eagle parents brought a branch to its nest last April. (Submitted by Perry J. Howlett)
Up close with capelin! Noel Mullaly snapped this photo in Isaac's Cove, Northern Bay. (Submitted by Noel Mullaly)
Angus Anstey captured this fine shot of a pine marten near Grande Hermine, Labrador. (Submitted by Angus Anstey)
Traffic patrol in Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay. A sweet photo from Marilyn Crotty, taken in November. (Submitted by Marilyn Crotty)
Meet Grace! Stuart Reid took this photo of his Irish setter on the East Coast Trail in Ferryland. (Submitted by Stuart Reid)
Gene Herzberg made the most of things, writing, 'I don't know who was more unhappy to see today's snow, me or this American goldfinch in our backyard.' (Submitted by Gene Herzberg)
A terrific capture from Donnie O'Keefe, taken near the Point Riche Lighthouse. (Submitted by Donnie O'Keefe)
A grand shot of a Canada goose at the Salmonier Nature Park. ( Submitted by Vanessa Mooney )
A beautiful scene at Job's Cove in Conception Bay North. We love the contrast of fog over the cliffs, and the rays of light on the water. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A whimsical moment in Elliston, also known as the puffin capital of N.L. (Submitted by Candace Mugford)
Judith Mallard was home in July for a visit and went to Signal Hill. She wrote, 'This very jovial man was inviting visitors to just sit and take a picture with his doggie. A friend of mine said he's known as Chief around the area.' Sweet! (Submitted by Judith Mallard)
'I've got my eye on you.' A grand photo from Mark Vardy, taken at the Salmonier Nature Park. (Submitted by Mark Vardy)
David Brophy took this photo while enjoying a stroll. He wrote, 'I had a brief encounter with this beautiful moose this morning as it foraged through the autumn trees.' (Submitted by David Brophy)
Oliver Whiffen said he was lucky to spot these owlets while out and about in the woods near Arnold’s Cove in June. Great shot! (Submitted by Oliver Whiffen)
'Aw, shucks. Anyone can do this!' (Submitted by Gerry Parsons)
A great capture from Bill Perks, of an osprey that popped by Quidi Vidi Lake to pick up lunch. (Submitted by Bill Perks)
Take five! Ron O'Toole was in the right place at the right time to capture this cute pic. (Submitted by Ron O'Toole)
Strike that pose! (Submitted by Bill Perks)
Was there something in the air when the caribou danced that day near Peter's River Road? (Submitted by Clifford Doran)
A fine catch! The measuring tape for scale was a grand touch. (Submitted by Linda Churchill)
This harp seal came up for air in Charleston, Bonavista Bay, and Oliver Whiffen was able to capture this terrific shot. He wrote, 'Great example of the surface tension of water.' (Submitted by Oliver Whiffen)
This blue jay stopped for a quick snack in St. John's, where Kevin O'Leary snapped this photo. (Submitted by Kevin O'Leary)
From May, an impressive stag was grazing in the Point Riche lighthouse area where Ralph Spence snapped this pic. (Submitted by Ralph Spence)
This shot was taken with a drone in Drook Cove, which is en route to the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve. (Submitted by Darek Nakonieczny)

Slice of life

Hayward Avery, 85, was having a grand time as he threw a cast net near Southport. His daughter, Stephanie Butt, took this pic and said the technique was 'the way they did years ago.' (Submitted by Stephanie Butt)
Tara Rowsell took this photo on the first day of spring, with a drop of maple sap. (Submitted by Tara Rowsell)
In February, Jason Edwards and a group of friends headed out to do some ice climbing. Jason wrote: 'Eight guys with more Gore-Tex and Puffies than most outdoor stores boarded the MV Legionaire for Bell Island in search of frozen waterfalls, and boy did we ever find them.' (Submitted by Jason Edwards )
A skate at sunset: Rachel Williams enjoyed a beautiful late afternoon on Western Island Pond in Torbay. (Submitted by Cory Williams)
Dan Rumbolt took this snap and wrote: 'High tea in the month of May in the Annieopsquotch Mountains of western Newfoundland.' (Submitted by Dan Rumbolt)
What a shot! Duane Barron captured this photo while his nephew Andrew was doing some fancy manouevres near Angus Lake, in the Bonne Bay Pond area. (Submitted by Duane Barron)
A grand day for a skate at Golden Gullies, Whitbourne. (Submitted by Perry Fitzgerald )
Late August was bakeapple picking time in Henley Harbour, Labrador. (Submitted by Barry Way)
Who doesn't love a game of pond hockey? Elsie Russell said it was a 'wonderful afternoon admiring our children skating in Nain.' (Submitted by Elsie Russell)
Classic! Toutons and molasses. John Fewer, who lives in Ontario but has a summer home in Parker's Cove, took this snap last year while in the province. He wrote: 'Can't wait to retire and enjoy many more great memories there.' (Submitted by John Fewer)
Wanda Barry says she was experimenting with lensball photography in Valley Pond at Hayward's Cove beach, and took this wonderful shot. (Submitted by Wanda Barry)
Salmon fishing on Indian River, Springdale. Beautiful, even on an overcast day! (Submitted by Dawn Williams)
Despite the cold temperatures of February, Tracey Vatcher and her group still had a great day in Terra Nova. She wrote, 'Even brought our dog ... see her bed in the background.' (Submitted by Tracey Vatcher)
We love the sense of humour behind this image. An iceberg (and a smaller 'berg) in the background of these two, taken at Twillingate. (Submitted by Lorne Hiscock)
A hand-crafted quilt featuring iconic images of Newfoundland and Labrador dries on the line in Spillar's Cove. Bonus points for the iceberg in the background. (Submitted by Eric Abbott)

Snow and ice 

A monstrous splash in Bonavista, as seen from Dungeon Road. (Submitted by Mark Gray )
Some fine wave action in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's. (Submitted by Kim Ploughman)
Check out these "snow ghosts" — heavy buildups of ice — on top of Smokey Mountain near Labrador City. (Submitted by Larry Jenkins)
Mark Gray took a boat trip in Bonavista and snapped this splendid photo. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
From late May, this massive iceberg was perched off the coast of the Avalon Peninsula. (Alick Tsui/Twitter)
Dan Rumbolt spotted these 'bergs while having a paddle around Little Bay Islands. (Submitted by Dan Rumbolt)
There were still icebergs gracing our coastlines late in June. David Boyd took this photo while out on a boat tour just west of Black Island Tickle. (Submitted by David Boyd)
We saw icebergs of all sizes this year. This one was in Ward's Harbour, near Springdale. (Submitted by Brittany Sheppard)
Icebergs morph into the most unusual shapes! Neville Webb shared this image he captured in May near Torbay. (Submitted by Neville Webb)
Taken from the bridge of the Patrick And William, 80 nautical miles off Nain. A beautiful sight, and in August! (Submitted by Captain Rex Simmonds)
A shot of one of the amazing icebergs that travelled into Grates Cove. Wow! (Submitted by Gene Herzberg)

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