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2018 in photos: The flat-out, hands-down best audience pictures of the year

We picked some of our very favourite photos from the last 12 months. It was not easy.

Our audience photo galleries this year have been nothing short of tremendous.

Each week, we receive a wide array of photos submitted from our viewers and readers right across the province. So, we decided to pull together and select some of the best images sent to our collective inbox through 2018.

And you might ask — just what are the criteria for judging? 

Well, it could be any number of things: composition, lighting, if a photo struck an emotional chord, or how our audience engaged with an image on our social media channels, including Instagram.

We've put together some our very favourites thematically, and hope you enjoy them with a cup of tea, cocoa or coffee. 


Holy Cross School Kindergarten teacher Cathy Baker sent us this terrific photo, taken at 'the gulch' in Eastport. (Submitted by Cathy Baker)
Wheeeee .... spring! Will Harnum snapped this sweet pic near Port Rexton, and kindly sent our way. (Submitted by Will Harnum)
Darlene Christianson jumps for joy in the Tablelands of Gros Morne. It's been a bucket list item for her to hike the park. (Submitted by Darlene Christianson)
The whales were putting on quite a show in Trinity, when Leona Rockwood and her group took a boat tour this summer. (Submitted by Leona Rockwood)
A stunning display of Christmas lights in Holy Cross Park in Holyrood. (Submitted by Connie Duffett)

Flora and fauna

A sure sign of summer! This bee was about to gather pollen from a crabapple tree in Tony Seaward's yard. (Submitted by Tony Seaward)
Debora Downton says she found these beauties in her BBQ in May. The nest of eggs began with one, and then two, and so on. She writes, "I have been getting surprises left as a reminder, that special things sometimes appear as the smallest but beautiful things. Happy spring." (Submitted by Debora Downtown)
This is one of the most stunning images we've received. Jonathan Myers captured this beauty in Bay St. George in October. (Submitted by Jonathan Myers)
This fall image from Daryle Hancock was a big hit on Instagram. After picking these fabulous partridgeberries along the East Coast Trail, he took a snap of his bounty. (Submitted by Daryle Hancock)
A marvellous day to enjoy the fall colours - or golf the course in Gander. (Submitted by Walter Gill)

Stunning skies

From September, an absolutely stunning capture of the Northern Lights, from Larry Jenkins of Labrador City. (Submitted by Larry Jenkins)
A beauty of an August sunrise, taken in the Codroy Valley. (Submitted by Harrison Bragg)
Perry Howlett captured this summer sunset. (Submitted by Perry J. Howlett)
Bradley Myrick, a 16-year-old photo buff, took this terrific photo of a sunrise at St. Shott's. (Submitted by Bradley Myrick)
An incredible sky over Clarenville, on the first official day of summer. (Submitted by Tom Eagan)
From June, a glorious sunset over Grande Hermine Lake in western Labrador, from Krista Hedlund. (Submitted by Krista Hedlund)
James Fewer captured this terrific shot, capturing some dramatic light over Cape Spear in February. (Submitted by James Fewer)
A superb photo from Gene Herzberg, showing September's harvest moon over St. John's. (Submitted by Gene Herzberg)
The sky was painted in many shades of red near the lighthouse at Point Riche, on the Northern Peninsula. (Submitted by Frank Riche)
It was an incredibly calm morning in May when Michael Parsons took this photo in Little Bay Islands. (Submitted by Michael Parsons)
If you go to the bluff overlooking Topsail Beach, you can see sunsets as breathtaking as this. We posted this photo in August. (Submitted by Dawn Williams)
Check out the lovely December sky over this backyard rink in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's. (Submitted by Roxanne Roberts)
Labrador has some of the most spectacular sunsets. This one was in North West River, where Shana Burgess was able to capture the sky at its best this spring. (Submitted by Shana Burgess)
A beautiful sunset in March in Bonavista. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
The sun is bursting in this photo from Penney Turner, taken in Sandringham in May. (Submitted by Penney Turner )
The calm before the storm by the breakwater in Old Perlican. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)

Birds, animals and more

Let's do a collective awww! This adorable photo was taken in Elliston by regular contributor Mark Gray. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
A grand shot of a bluer-than-blue jay. (Submitted by David Hiscock)
Now, Frank. We see your dilated pupils. If you're thinking of decimating this tree, your owner will put you on Santa's naughty list! (Submitted by Allison Griffiths)
Mike Allen was happy to pose with this gorgeous Newfoundland dog at Cabot Tower in May. (Submitted by William Flynn)
A juicy berry will make a fine snack for this cedar waxwing. (Submitted by Bill Perks)
Such a grand snap of pooch Bruce, a Weimaraner, from Kellee Simms. Taken in Little Bay Islands in December. (Submitted by Kellee Simms)
Rex Voisey said it was the fourth time he'd seen killer whales around Makkovik, on Labrador's coast. (Submitted by Rex Voisey)
Axle keeps dog dad Sheldon company, while searching for whales this spring in New Harbour, Trinity Bay. (Submitted by Vanessa Higdon)
Pounding waves at Gull Island, Conception Bay. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)

Water, waves and 'bergs

A picture-perfect scene of Jean Lake, Wabush. These rowers were getting in a little practice in late June, for the annual Labrador West Regatta in July. (Submitted by Donna Allard)
A stunning iceberg in Upper Amherst Cove, photographed in June. (Submitted by Tom Eagan)
There were waves, seabirds and blue skies on the horizon, when Perry J. Howlett paid a visit to Cape Spear in March. (Submitted by Perry J. Howlett)
A terrific shot from Mark Gray - taken in Bonavista. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
Jackie Dawe sent along this photo of "one of the many icebergs" she saw this summer en route to Mattie's Cove, near Battle Harbour in southern Labrador. (Submitted by Jackie Dawe)
When Michelle Power headed to the beach in Ferryland to take photo this fall, she found these brave souls headed to surf the waves. (Submitted by Michelle Power)

Celebrations and oddities

Darren Langdon captured this awesome shot on Canada Day, at Quidi Vidi. (Submitted by Darren Langdon)
Loyal CBC listener Barry Porter, who lives in Porterville, just drove back from Fort McMurray to find this in his backyard. On his birthday ... in May! (Submitted by Barry Porter )
Fogo Island fireworks, to celebrate Canada's 151st birthday. (Submitted by Alick Tsui)
This sunbathing seal is completely unaware it's being approached by fearless feline Shadow. Candace Rebecca snapped this terrific photo in Mattis Point in April. (Submitted by Candace Rebecca)
Margaret Mary Martin shared this photo, taken in Lord's Cove in February. (Submitted by Margaret Mary Martin)
Ron O'Toole was in the right place at the right time — when a tuna jumped out of the water near Holyrood. Wow! (Submitted by Ron O'Toole)

Some of our favourite scenics

A delightful scenic from Adam K. Hindy, taken in Freshwater in January. (Submitted by Adam K. Hindy)
A few dogberries remain in this pretty fall scenic from David Hiscock. (Submitted by David Hiscock)
The boardwalk at Cape Spear was drenched after a fierce storm in November. (Submitted by Oscar Parslow)
Karen Brinson sent along this photo in October and wrote: "It was a blustery day in Rocky Harbour! This is one of the many lookout points at the Lobster Cove Head lighthouse near Rocky Harbour." (Submitted by Karen Brinson)
The setting was ideal in Joe Batt's Arm when Raymond Wang took this lovely photo, on Canada Day. (Submitted by Raymond Wang)
St. Patrick's Church in St. John's, an "icon to the residents of the west end," says Pat Thompson. (Submitted by Pat Thompson)
It's a fairly common sight to see sunshine and a fog bank simultaneously at Cape Spear! (Submitted by Anne Madden)
Scenic Quidi Vidi, as pretty as a postcard. We shared this photo in June. (Submitted by Javad Abedini)
A little R&R while salmon fishing. Jackie Dawe snapped this pic this summer in Mary's Harbour, Labrador. (Submitted by Jackie Dawe)

Have a photo? We'd love to see it! 

We always welcome photos from the audience. Send them to, and please remember to add your name and enough information about the photo (where it was taken, for instance) for us to craft a caption. 

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