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Meet the little boy who gave a rose to every woman and girl in his town

A six-year-old boy bought and hand-delivered 155 single roses to the women and girls in his community of Main Brook, N.L.

‘He’s quite the ladies man,’ says mom Lynn Boyd, who helped her son deliver dozens of roses

Casey Boyd, 6, had a mix of reactions when he handed out roses in his community, from laughs and smiles to tears. (Submitted by Lynn Boyd)

While some are only in love with one person, Casey Boyd loves every woman and girl in his hometown of Main Brook, N.L. So naturally he bought them each a rose for Valentine's Day.

The six-year-old boy bought and hand-delivered single roses to all the female members of the community — all 155 of them.

"I just wanted to put smiles on everyone's faces," he told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show.

Last Valentine's Day, Casey made a plan: he would save nickels and dimes for a year and use the money to buy roses for all the women and girls — and one man, his neighbour — in Main Brook, a community of about 250 people on the island's Northern Peninsula.

"This is the typical Casey," said his mom, Lynn Boyd.

"He's very kind and considerate and always trying to please everyone else and make them happy."

Lynn drove to the nearest florist in St. Anthony, 80 kilometres away, and filled up their truck with 13 dozen roses. She then drove back to make the long-awaited deliveries.

Hugs, kisses and tears

For hours, Casey knocked on every last door in the community, handed over a single rose, and usually stopped to pose for a quick photo.

"They hugged and kissed me," said Casey. "They said thank you and then I said you're welcome."

Casey went to the nearest florist in St. Anthony, 80 kilometres away, to get roses for the women and girls in his hometown. (Submitted by Lynn Boyd)

When he was almost finished his deliveries, Casey got tired of walking, so his mom handed out the final roses while Casey smiled and waved at the recipients from the warm truck. Some of them came over to give him a hug.

"He made more than one lady cry here in town," Lynn said.

Need advice in the romance department? Ask Casey

He's not just a boy of kind gestures. Casey is also a fountain of wisdom for quarrelling couples.

When his mom gets "upset" with his dad, his suggestion for his dad is to "get her something nice."

When asked what advice he has for adults in relationships, Casey said, "Give them hugs, flowers, kisses."

By the end of the day, Casey was tired, so his mom finished the deliveries while he smiled and waved at the recipients from the warm truck. Some of them came to give him a hug. (Submitted by Lynn Boyd)

While he was keen on distributing the flowers evenly, not everyone got just a single rose. At the end of his deliveries, Casey surprised his mom with a full dozen.

Casey said the attention his kind gesture has garnered is a bit "confusing." 

"[I've done] all these interviews and all this on Facebook and all that."

He's already started to save up again to do the same next year, but plans to add chocolate and a card to each delivery.

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Caroline Hillier is the producer of the St. John's Morning Show.


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