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This 8-year-old spent part of her Easter Break raising $1,600 for charity

Carly Greene, 8, has raised more than $1,600 for the Gathering Place in St. John’s — a community health centre for vulnerable people experiencing homelessness and without other social support.

Carly Greene committed to acts of kindness and helping others

Carly Greene ran five kilometres to raise $1,600 for the Gathering Place in St. John's over the Easter break. (Submitted by Greg Greening)

Carly Greene, 8, is committed to acts of kindness — and her willingness to put a little bit of sweat into her efforts to help people in need has paid off in a big way.

Through a charity run during her Easter break, Carly has raised more than $1,600 for the Gathering Place in St. John's, a community health centre that helps vulnerable people experiencing homelessness and precarious housing meet basic needs such as food, clothing and medical care.

"I feel bad for the people who are just out in the rain and the cold and the snow," Carly said Saturday. 

At first, Carly had hoped to raise $100 for the Gathering Place by running 10 kilometres, but her mother, Thelma Careen, said that distance was too far for an eight-year-old and suggested a five-kilometre run instead. 

The family started a GoFundMe fundraising campaign on March 26 called Carly's Kilometres for Kindness, which had raised more than $1,610 as of Sunday. 

"Myself and my partner, Greg, we had assumed that we were going to end up donating enough to top her up to the $100," said Careen.

"So we were really surprised by the support from our family and friends."

Carly completed her run around a residential area in Mount Pearl, doing 10 laps to complete her five-kilometre goal. (Submitted by Greg Greening)

The family is a part of the Athletics NorthEast running club, which Careen said was very supportive of Carly's fundraising efforts.

"Everyone was sharing and commenting. So we were really surprised at the $1,600," she said.

'She was thrilled'

Meanwhile, Carly is also proud of the fundraiser's results. 

"I hope that it helps people that don't have much," Carly said.

Carly did 10 laps of a 500-metre loop around a residential area in Mount Pearl on Thursday to complete her five-kilometre run.

"She's so determined and so, so strong," said Careen, who completed the run with her daughter. 

"She was thrilled. She was happy. She you can see it in her face when she's running. And it's just so nice to see.… I really love running with her by my side."

Carly's mom, Thelma Careen, accompanied her on the run, saying her daughter is 'so determined and so, so strong.' (Submitted by Greg Greening)

The fundraiser isn't the only act of kindness and compassion Carly has completed this winter. Her mom said Carly has been very concerned about people panhandling in major intersections in St. John's.

Careen said Carly earned some money by shoveling a driveway and was going to spend the money on an online game. But when she saw a man panhandling on Topsail Road, she made her mom pull over so she could give the man her money. 

"Originally I wouldn't stop to let her give him the money, but she was pretty upset about it. She said that she felt that he needed it more than she did," Careen said.

Meanwhile Carly said she'd do all over again.

"Yes, definitely 100 per cent," she said.

Carly hopes to present the Gathering Place with the money from her fundraiser in the next week.

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