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See the Milky Way move in this Cape Spear timelapse

St. John's-area photographer Geoff Smith captured an hour-long timelapse of a great night sky at Cape Spear.

Cape Spear timelapse

5 years ago
Geoff Smith captured video of the Milky Way from Cape Spear. 0:25

Sometimes, hours seem to pass in mere moments.

That's the case in a wonderful time-lapse video created by St. John's photographer Geoff Smith last weekend.

Smith compressed an hour of starry movement off the shores of Cape Spear into a 12-second sequence.

Smith says he took 20 second exposures every 25 seconds, and pressed it all together to make a seamless video.

You can even see the fog rolling in as the stars pass by.

Smith says Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the only places where such a scene is possible.