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Moose may have been illegally shot by someone on ATV, wildlife says

Someone saw a person on an ATV in Cape Broyle on Sept. 6, and heard shots a short time later. Wildlife officers later found the carcass of an adult moose.

Adult moose carcass found near community of Cape Broyle, officials investigating

Wildlife officials are investigating an incident where an adult moose may have been illegally shot and killed in Cape Broyle on Sept. 6. (Submitted by Katherine Putt)

Wildlife officials are looking for information about a moose that was allegedly killed illegally by someone on an all-terrain vehicle in Cape Broyle.

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources' fish and wildlife enforcement division are asking for the public's help getting information on the Sept. 6 incident.

It says someone in the community said a person with a firearm on an ATV was driving near homes in Cape Broyle on that date.

A short time later, shots were heard nearby.

Wildlife officers later located the remains and discarded meat from an adult moose.

The department is asking anyone who may have information to come forward by contacting them at 709-729-2192 or toll free at 1-877-820-0999.

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