With Canada Post mail stoppage looming, government urges residents to be prepared

Canada Post issued a 72-hour lockout notice early Tuesday morning, meaning a mail stoppage could happen as early as Friday.

People who receive income support are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit

Canada Post customers in St. John's react to the possibility of a postal lockout 1:21

With a Canada Post mail stoppage looming, the Newfoundland and Labrador government is asking people to be prepared.

Canada Post issued a 72-hour lockout notice in the early hours of Tuesday morning, meaning mail delivery could end before Friday.  

Vehicle registrations and license renewals should be checked, since the government won't be able to mail reminders or registration forms.

The province is suggesting people renew their documents online to avoid getting lost in the mail, if service is disrupted.

A work stoppage at Canada Post could happen as early as Friday. (CBC)

Government has also stopped mailing support enforcement cheques, and is also encouraging people who receive support or benefit payments to sign up for direct deposit instead.

Some banks and phone companies are telling their clients to keep up with their bills online as well. 

Customer response

While a lot business can be conducted on the internet, some people say you really do need a post office in some cases.

Jenny Stirling, a customer at a Canada Post location in Paradise, is worried about a work stoppage and what that could mean for her belongings en route across the country.

"We're waiting for all our packages," she said.

"We shipped all of our packages from B.C., so we need the post office open so we can get all of our stuff."

Stirling also said she relies on the postal service for online shopping.

Robyn O'Donnell is not worried about a potential Canada Post mail stoppage. (CBC)

Robyn O'Donnell, on the other hand, isn't too concerned.

"I don't really do a whole lot of mailing," she said Monday outside the office in Paradise.

O'Donnell added she can do almost everything through email.