'It's a disaster zone:' Truck plows through Campbellton gas station

Cigarettes, lottery tickets and store shelves went flying after a truck smashed through the wall of an Ultramar gas station.
John Kane, the owner of Kane's Ultramar in Campbellton, believes the female driver accidentally put the truck into the wrong gear while trying to pull away from the pump. (Garrett Barry/CBC)

A store employee was sent to hospital — and merchandise was sent flying — when a blue pickup truck tore through the front wall of a Campbellton gas station Tuesday night in Notre Dame Bay.

Gift cards, cigarettes, pain pills and lottery tickets were all thrown from their displays as the truck almost fully reversed  into the store around 6 p.m., according to John Kane, the owner of Kane's Ultramar.

A woman working in the store was sent to hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion. 

"She didn't collide with the building, she went into the building," Kane said of the driver Friday afternoon. "It's a disaster zone, she demolished the whole inside."

Video surveillance shows a blue pickup truck backing through the wall of a Campbellton, Newfoundland gas station on Wednesday night. 0:41

Kane said a female driver was fuelling up at the gas pump, and it appears she accidentally put the vehicle into the wrong gear while attempting to pull away. 

"When then vehicle collided, they took out the door but they also took that wall behind the cash register with them, and that was all ejected into the store with the counters and the cash register and the lottery machine," Kane said.

"You know, it's thousands of dollars worth of damage."

'Shaken up'

Kane said the store clerk is now home resting, but that she's still quite shaken up. 

"She didn't see it coming. She just, all of a sudden, the wall is coming in on you."

Construction crews are now putting the Ultramar back together, and the store is closed. Representatives from the insurance company are inside the building, cataloguing the damaged goods.

One woman was working inside the gas station when the crash happened. John Kane says she's pretty shaken up. (John Kane/Facebook)

Kane said he's hopeful that the store will be able to reopen next week. 

"My initial reaction was disbelief," he said. "It's something you'd see on a movie. It's not something that happens locally."

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