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Former air cadet officer admits to sex with cadet in 1970s

The trial is a civil one, into a complaint that the Attorney General of Canada was responsible for the actions of cadet leaders.

Now 69, former Lieutenant testified at civil suit against Attorney General of Canada

The issue at the civil trial in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland is whether the federal government is liable for the actions of a cadet leader. (CBC)

A former air cadet officer in St. John's admitted in court Wednesday that he had sex with a cadet, but the sex occurred outside of cadet activities.

Now 69, and known in court as C.M., the former cadet leader was never criminally charged.  He testified at a civil trial underway at the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The complainant, identified as John Doe on court documents, is suing the Attorney General of Canada, arguing that that since the cadets came under the auspices of the Canadian government, it's responsible for the former officer's actions. 

No violence or threats, court told

The two men met through air cadets in 1969. The complainant testified that when he attended a summer camp at CFB Greenwood in Nova Scotia in the early 1970s, "I woke up and he was coming out from under the sheets."

In question by his lawyer Jerome Kennedy, C.M. said he never used violence or threatened John Doe. (Glenn Payette/CBC)

Doe said the cadet leader performed nonconsensual oral sex on him while he slept.

C.M. was 20 years old, and a Lieutenant in the air cadets at the time, and the complainant was in his mid-teens. 

He told the court that he and the complainant became friends, and that in the spring of 1970 the sexual activity began.

"We got close and started to wrestle. I noticed that he had an erection," said C.M. "I masturbated him."

He said it started at his mother house. 

During his testimony, Joe Doe said that there were times when C.M. forced him to perform oral sex.

C.M. testified Wednesday that he never asked the younger man to touch him and never used violence or threatened him.

Corrine Bedford, lawyer for the Attorney General of Canada, asked whether there was any sexual activity during cadet events and was told 'No.' (Glenn Payette/CBC)

In questioning by a lawyer for the Attorney General of Canada, Corrine Bedford, C.M. said all he ever did was "masturbate" John Doe.

"Was he co-operative?" Bedford asked.

"He helped bring his pants down," said C.M.

She asked, "Did he appear afraid?"

C.M. replied, "Never."

Bedford asked questions aimed at distancing the government from C.M.'s sexual activity with Doe.

C.M. had told the court that he would take the cadet for fast food, and to Memorial University where C.M. was a student at the time.

"Did you ask your commanding officer if you could take him to any outside activities?" Bedford asked.

"No," said C.M.

"Did you have any sexual contact at any cadet activity," she asked.

Again C.M. said, "No."

'I asked him to forgive me'

John Doe testified that what happened between him and the cadet leader ruined him emotionally, and left him unfit for work.

C.M. told the court that he got a call from Doe in 2001 and the two got together.

"We met at his office, and I said, 'If I harmed you, that I was sorry,'" said C.M.

"I asked him to forgive me."

C.M. said Doe replied, "Not so fast." That he wanted to discuss it.

But, in the end, C.M. said Doe did forgive him.

Neither the cadet leader nor the complainant can be identified. They are referred to in court documents at C.M. and John Doe. (Glenn Payette/CBC)

C.M. said he was 10 years into an Alcoholics Anonymous program, and wanted to make amends.

He said he didn't have any further contact with Doe, and didn't know about the lawsuit until about four years ago when he got a call from a lawyer for the Attorney General.

C.M. said he was asked if he had any sexual activity with Doe, and answered,"Yes."

The trial continues Thursday.

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