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'Newfoundland and Labrador, I love you': Edmonton man thrilled after cabbie returns coins

An Edmonton man is thanking Newfoundlanders and Labradorians after reclaiming a case of commemorative coins he lost in a cab over the weekend.

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5 years ago
An Edmonton coin designer is reunited with the valuable collection he accidentally left behind in the back of a St. John's taxi. 1:44

An Edmonton man is thanking Newfoundlanders and Labradorians after being reunited with a case of commemorative coins he lost over the weekend.

But the cab driver who returned the coins says it was the obvious thing to do.

Joe Green lost the coins on Saturday evening after leaving them in the back of a Jiffy Cab while on his way home from being screeched in on George Street.

Green is the president of Beaverworks Mint, an organization that produces high-end silver coins honouring the Royal Canadian Air Force.

He travelled to St. John's for the Legion Dominion Command Convention and said he planned to showcase the coins to prospective buyers.

The coins that were returned to Green were handmade and valued at $6,000.

"Oh my God, Newfoundland and Labrador, I love you," said Green in an interview with the St. John's Morning Show.

Edmonton's Joe Green is gushing about Newfoundland's friendly people after having a cab driver return his missing set of coins on Sunday. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)

"I am completely overwhelmed with just the spirit and the amazing nature of the character of Newfoundlanders."

He said that if he had lost the coins anywhere else, he wouldn't have got them back.

"I've lived in other cities and you know, if it was any other place this would have been gone."

'Happy, happy man'

Jiffy Cab driver Ivan Norris said it was second nature to return the coins.

"It looked expensive or whatever, so I figured he wanted it back," he said.

Ivan Norris, seen here with the coin given to him by Joe Green, says that it was a no-brainer to return the coins. (Joe Green)

Norris said he called taxi dispatch and told them he had the coins, and about an hour later, dispatch called and said they saw an article about the coins on CBC's website. 

When Green arrived to pick up the coins, Norris said he was ecstatic.

"He came in and gave me a big hug," he said.

"He was a happy happy man." 

Green said that when Norris returned the coins, he felt an "overwhelming sense of release."

"When this gentleman did that, it was like a divine angel just intervened," he said.

"He looked at me with this sort of look and it was just like you know, 'This is Newfoundland.'"

Green said he's so thankful for the help he's received in St. John's that he's giving one coin to the cab driver and another to the CBC for the general public.

"Ladies and gentleman in Newfoundland, I'm giving you guys a coin," he said.