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Cabana threatens suit over 'prostitute' comment

Brad Cabana, who made failed attempts to lead both the PCs and Liberals, insists he will sue Terry French for calling him a "political prostitute."

Brad Cabana, a man who made failed attempts to lead both the Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties, insists he will sue a minister for calling him a "political prostitute" on public airwaves.

Brad Cabana says he will sue Tourism Minister Terry French.

Cabana gave Tourism Minister Terry French and the government until Thursday afternoon to apologize for comments made during a call to a VOCM open-line show on Wednesday.

During the same call, French also called Cabana a "political scumbag."

French had made the comments in an escalating war of words with Cabana, a former Saskatchewan mayor who is running for the Liberals in the October election.

Cabana had earlier said French was one of the reasons he left the PC party. He said during a convention last fall, he attended a pre-election seminar in which French purportedly gave advice on fundraising.

"And, I quote, he said, 'If you see a private contractor working on the roads in your community, go ask him for a donation. They know where the contracts come from,' " Cabana said.

French reacted strongly to Cabana's comments.

"I cannot remember, so help me God, making any kind of a statement like that," French said.

Cabana had attempted to run for the PC leadership after Danny Williams retired from politics. His would-be campaign, however, was overturned when a party committee said his nomination papers were not in order.

Cabana threatened to sue the party, but abandoned that plan and soon after moved to the Liberal camp.

Earlier this month, he unsuccessfully made a bid for the Liberal leadership after Yvonne Jones stepped down for health reasons. The party executive picked Kevin Aylward as leader.

A deadline for an apology, as well as French's resignation, came and went at 4 p.m. on Thursday. Cabana said he will proceed quickly with filing a statement of claim.

French was not commenting about the threat Thursday, although Premier Kathy Dunderdale did.

"Knock yourself out, Mr. Cabana," she said.