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Video shows flooding damage on Burgeo highway

A pair of videos posted to YouTube show the damage sustained by Burgeo's only highway during Monday's rain.

Route 480 to Burgeo was closed on Monday afternoon

The lone road leading into Burgeo beaten by more than 150mm of rain 0:35

The lone road into Burgeo has sustained significant damage from Monday's rain and flooding, videos published from the scene show.

A pair of YouTube videos posted from Burgeo show debris scattered all across the road, and significant chunks washing away.

Guy Hann, a long-time Burgeo resident and a volunteer firefighter in the town, said the flooding on the road Monday afternoon was remarkable.

Hann drove to Burgeo from Peter Strides, about midway to Stephenville on the road, on Monday afternoon.

"I saw ponds of water today that I'd never, ever seen before," he said.

"There's a lot of water up to the edge of the road, like it's ready to go across. And there was one spot, I'd say about four or five kilometres inside of Burgeo, the roads were starting to break away." 

Route 480 was closed at the Trans-Canada Highway on Monday afternoon.