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'Pure laziness': Botwood offers free garbage disposal area, residents still dump illegally

The Town of Botwood says despite its best efforts, people continue to illegally dump their garbage in the woods and on trails in the community.

Botwood mayor says free transfer station available twice a week

This is some of the household items dumped near an Ultramar gas station in Botwood. (Josh Lambert)

The Town of Botwood says despite its best efforts, people continue to illegally dump their garbage in the woods and on trails in the community.

Resident Joshua Lambert told CBC he's disgusted at what he sees lying around in the community, and shared a video on social media that shows a field covered in trash ranging from old cars to plastic bags.

"I've seen everything from a transport truck cab to a car to dressers, household appliances, garbage, nails in board, lots of broken glass and needles as well," he said.

This cab of a transport truck is just one of the many pieces of trash that has been dumped in areas around Botwood. (Josh Lambert)

Seeing the dumping is especially frustrating for Mayor Scott Sceviour, who said the town even goes out of its way to offer a transfer station where, twice a week, residents can bring their bulky garbage free of charge.

"It's quite alarming that people are not taking advantage of that and dumping it in the trailways and woods," Sceviour told CBC Radio's Central Morning.

"It's a little bit disturbing when you see washers and dryers and dressers because people just have to take a few minutes to go to the transfer station on a Wednesday afternoon or a Saturday morning."

Someone could have properly disposed of this old car, but they dumped it in the woods instead. (Submitted)

Sceviour said dumping has been a problem in Botwood for years, but that most people in the town abide by the rules.

The town would like to see the provincial government step in and bolster surveillance and enforcement, as much of the dumping takes place on Crown lands. Sceviour said he even personally asked the province to install cameras several years ago, but didn't get anywhere with it.

Community initiative

The mayor credits some locals who are organizing a community cleanup of the area, which he said shows that people in the community do care.

Botwood Mayor Scott Sceviour says it's "quite alarming" that people don't take advantage of free bulk garbage services. (Submitted)

He insists the dumping is being done by a small group of people who just don't want to take the extra time to properly dispose of their waste.

"I think it's just plain laziness," he said. "But I guess we have to take the initiative. We like to keep our community as clean as possible."

With files from Central Morning