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Grandfather and grandson bond over vintage Bombardiers

Grandfather and grandson Hemblah and Joey Young both have a unique mode of transportation: 1957 Bombardier Snow Buses.

'Everyone wants to go for a ride,' says 17-year-old Joey Young

Joey Young and his grandfather Hemblah Young both drive their 1957 Bombardier snow machines throughout the Bonne Bay area. (Submitted by Joey Young)

Seventeen-year-old Joey Young spends plenty of time riding around Woody Point on his snowmobile, but it isn't exactly the latest model — he drives a 1957 Bombardier Snow Bus.

"It's just two tracks, two skis, a motor and a steering wheel, I guess. Well, it's got a shell, she seats 12 passengers," he said of the antique machine.

Joey Young said he remembered his grandfather, Hemblah Young, taking him for rides in his Bombardier when he was young, and since the machine was parked and wasn't being used, he wanted to get it running again.

"She was just sitting there, so I decided we should go up and get her going," Joey Young said.

Hemblah Young's 1957 Bombardier seats twelve people. (Submitted by Joey Young)

Bombardier memories

Hemblah Young said he has his own memories of the Bombardier machines.

"My dad had a new one back in '55, I wasn't very old. I can remember dad used to use it and they used to get stuck in the snow." 

He said that his father used the machine in the 1950s to bring people in and out of the woods on the weekends and carry freight back and forth from Deer Lake to Bonne Bay, as the roads weren't plowed at that time. 

After that, Hemblah Young said he always wanted another Bombardier of his own, but they were becoming few and far between.

"The b'ys seen one down in Roddickton somewhere and I checked it out, I was going to buy it, but I cancelled it," Hemblah Young said.

"Then, the next thing I knew, the b'ys had it bought and brought home, put in the garden."

Joey Young's Bombardier, unlike his grandfather's, is red, and has an automatic transmission. (Submitted by Joey Young)

He said that he had a lot fun riding around with his family, and passed that enjoyment on to his grandson.

That 'back in the day' appeal

This past year, Joey got his own Bombardier, a red one that he found and bought online.

Joey Young said the Bombardier gives him the feeling of what it was like "back in the day," and he even drives it to school, where he gets quite the reaction.

"They're all looking out the windows, taking pictures, Snapchats, stuff like that," he said. 

"Everyone wants to go for a ride, [even] the teachers."

With files from the Corner Brook Morning Show