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Makeshift slopes, ice-covered homes and other post-blizzard fun

When the weather forecast gives Newfoundland and Labrador lemons, people here do their best to make lemonade.

There are no shortage of amazing weather photos; here are just a few

Jellybean row-style houses are covered in snow in downtown St. John's. (Submitted by Alick Tsui)

When the weather forecast gives Newfoundland and Labrador lemons, people here do their best to make lemonade.

After Friday's historic blizzard, which dumped more than 70 centimetres of snow on St. John's and wreaked havoc in the Bonavista and Clarenville areas, people made the most of it.

Snowboarders hit the makeshift slopes of downtown St. John's; shovellers who got tired of digging made themselves some chilly furniture; and when snow buried roads are buried in snow, people went sliding.

There is no shortage of stunning images of the epic blizzard. Scroll below to check out just a few images of the wicked weather.

Ice-covered homes in Bonavista, following Friday's blizzard. The ocean raged and winds sprayed sea water on homes near the shoreline. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
Before snow-clearing efforts got underway in downtown St. John's, a few snowboarders hit up Holloway Street on Sunday afternoon. (Submitted by Leona Rockwood)
Coronation Street in downtown St. John's on Saturday, following Friday's record-breaking blizzard. (Submitted by Dave Whitty)
How do you know where to start with the snowblower? You've got to start somewhere, like this intrepid snow clearer in Mount Pearl. (Submitted by Rob Wadman-Scanlan)
Mark Gray needed a break from the shovelling in Bonavista, so he dug himself a little snow couch to put his feet up and have a rest. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
'I think it counts as archeology at this point,' tweeted Melissa Royle Critch, of this shoveller digging out a vehicle in downtown St. John's on Saturday evening. (Melissa Royle Critch/Twitter)
When there are no roads for driving, you use them for sledding. (Darrell Denief/Twitter)
The extensive lineup at the cash registers inside the Sobeys grocery store on Elizabeth Avenue on St. John's, as the city allowed grocers to open their doors temporarily Tuesday in the ongoing state of emergency. (Patrick Butler/Radio-Canada)
People in downtown St. John's start the difficult task of digging out their cars after Friday's blizzard. (Submitted by Alick Tsui)
A soldier from the 4th Artillery Regiment based at CFB Gagetown clears snow at a residence in St. John’s on Monday. The state of emergency ordered by the City of St. John's continues, leaving most businesses closed and vehicles off the roads in the aftermath of the storm. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)
It took six hours to clear this Conception Bay South driveway. 'The worst I've ever experienced,' wrote Paul Muise. (Submitted by Paul Muise)
Penelope Brothers, 5, stands next to a six-foot fence following Friday's record snowfall. (Submitted by Krista Brothers)
Snowboarders hit up Holloway Street in downtown St. John's on Sunday before snow-clearing operations clean it all out. (Submitted by Leona Rockwood)
Residents dig out their car in St. John’s on Sunday. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)
An abundance of snow makes for narrow walkways in St. John's, like this one on Circular Road. (Submitted by Lynda Elstad)

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