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Biker gang violence linked to Hells Angels

The appearance of Hells Angels gear in a St. John's courtroom this week indicates the notorious biker gang may be trying to find a foothold in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Notorious group may be establishing roots in province

Recent biker gang violence in St. John's may link to the Hells Angels, reports Glenn Payette 2:45

The appearance of Hells Angels insignia in a St. John's courtroom this week may indicate the notorious biker gang is trying to establish a foothold in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Police say some recent violence in the city is related to outlaw biker gangs, with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and RCMP embarking on a joint effort to crack down on it.

According to RNC Chief Robert Johnston, the recent firebombing of a home on Hamilton Avenue, as well as a retaliatory drive-by shooting later that night on Dauntless Street, may be linked to the Hells Angels.

"Outlaw motorcycle gangs may be involved in these events. Persons interviewed in the course of this investigation to date indicate an association to the Hells Angels," Johnston said.

"One person interviewed indicated that he is in the process of establishing a Hells Angels chapter in St. John's."

CBC has learned that Bradley Summers may be trying to open a Hells Angels branch in St. John's. (CBC)

CBC has learned that the person Johnston was referring to is Bradley Summers.

Summers, 32, and Allan Potter, 50, were living in the house that was firebombed.

Both men were arrested last week in the downtown area during a joint investigation by the RNC and RCMP into outlaw biker gangs.

Summers and Potter appeared in court for a bail hearing this week wearing T-shirts with a red and white emblem — colours associated with the Hells Angels.

The shirts also had the number 81 on them — a metonym representing HA, for Hells Angels.

While the biker gang frowns upon non-club members wearing their infamous logo and winged skull, they do encourage club supporters to buy and wear gear to show their support.

Summers has been out on bail since Thursday, but one of the conditions of his release is that he can't have any contact with the Bacchus Motorcycle Club, which is active in Newfoundland and has been associated with the Hells Angels in other parts of Canada.