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Black Friday-esque bonanza for Big Stick bologna ornament

The love for the popular processed meat extends to hanging a mini version of it on the Christmas tree.

'He is the must-have. He's the Cabbage Patch Kid, the Furby, the Tickle Me Elmo of Christmas 2017'

Kyle Callahan, left, of Kyle Callahan Photography and Jerry Burt, of Baddy Vinyl, say they've been astounded by the popularity of the Big Stick bologna ornament. Both businesses operate out of the same building as Posie Row. (Heather Barrett/CBC)

Move over Hatchimals, there is a new Christmas craze in town — the Big Stick bologna ornament. 

"Within 20 minutes, they were just gone. It was like Black Friday up here," said Jerry Burt, laughing, as he recalled the wild sales this week.

"Up here" is Baddy Vinyl, located on the top floor of the St. John's building that Posie Row and several other businesses call home. 

Burt, who operates Baddy Vinyl, had lineups on the stairway to the store when word about the $12-novelty got around.

"He's gorgeous, he is the must have. He's the Cabbage Patch Kid, the Furby, the Tickle Me Elmo of Christmas 2017," said Burt.

'Genius idea'

All the credit for the creation goes to Gary Murrin and Hamilton Cornish, of FoamWerx Cosplay, according to Burt. Maple Leaf Foods is not affiliated with the Christmas craft.

"It was just this genius idea [Gary] wanted to start, this bologna bonanza that we have going on," said Burt.

He's referring to the social media panic that broke out amid rumours last week that Maple Leaf Big Stick bologna and Vienna Sausages were being phased out. Turns out, that's not the case, according to the company. 

Nevertheless, it lit a fire among bologna-lovers, which has carried over to wanting to put a little Big Stick on the Christmas tree.

"We have had 60 [ornaments] total since we started ... just gone," said Burt.
"We've had people crying and telling us that their loved ones in Northwest Territories need to have this Big Stick on their tree."

More on the way

There's still hope to get your hands on a little slice of the well-known product. 

One hundred ornaments will be available as of Saturday at 10 a.m. and there is a limit of two per customer.

A single Big Stick ornament remains in the Duckworth Street store, encased in a protective and festive glass case.

The business is collecting for the School Lunch Program, so for every $2 donated, people get a ballot and are entered into a draw. The winner gets two Big Stick ornaments and a bologna-patterned bowtie.

Want one of these sought-after tree decorations? Another 100 go on sale Saturday. (Heather Barrett/CBC)

It's quite the bologna boom, admitted Burt.

"Everyone is worried that the bologna is going to disappear ... and we want to make sure that people know that Big Stick is still relevant," he said.

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