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The reviews are in: Bick's new mustard pickle 'tastes the same'

Is the new mustard pickle worthy of your Jiggs dinner?

Most people who took part in taste test gave new Bick's Sweet Mustard Pickles 8 out of 10

Bick's Sweet Mustard Pickles: can they replace your Habitant and Zest? (Gavin Simms/CBC)

Appetites were lost, hearts were broken and Jiggs dinners were ruined when it was announced that popular brands of mustard pickles were discontinued.

Classic Habitant and Zest mustard pickles were swept off the shelves in March, when Smuckers Food of Canada announced both lines were cut.

Some unopened bottles made their way onto sites like Kijiji, where they sold for more than triple the going rate in stores.

But now, Bick's has released its new recipe of mustard pickles.

The St. John's Morning Show's Gavin Simms went out with a jar to see if they compared to their anZESTors, or were just aiming too high. Here's some of what people thought.

CBC's Gavin Simms went out to get reviews, as people tried the new Bick's Sweet Mustard Pickles for the first time. 5:17

Good on rabbit

"Sweet, nice. Nothing wrong with them. I'd say it's as good or better … I'd put it on everything. I put pickles on my burgers, throw 'em on my potatoes, little bit of moose, rabbit."

Jiggs approved

"Where were you during the great mustard pickles disaster of 2016," Gerry Porter asked on Facebook. Yeah, people were upset. (Gerry Porter/Facebook)

"Very good, excellent. Can't wait to try it with Jiggs dinner … To me, it's very, very similar. I mean, I'd have to have the two of them together to really … It doesn't seem to be quite as sweet. But it's a great second best."

Just not the same

"I don't think they're the same, they're good though … I don't find them as pickle-y — there's not as much of like a vinegar sort of taste on them, they're more sweeter, but we'll see now when it pours over a bunch of salt beef."

Better than nothing

A lone bottle of Zest mustard pickles left at Powell's Supermarkets in Bay Roberts. The jar was auctioned off on the store's Facebook page. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

"That's definitely a mustard pickle … it's good. It's comparable to the last brand name. I don't know if everyone will think that, but better than no mustard pickle."

Runny but tasty

"Nice. A little different taste than the Zest, a little nicer actually. The mustard seems a bit more runny though — it's a little runnier, but it's great. Nice taste … They're a great replacement."

Conspiracies afoot

You won't find a bottle of Habitant mustard pickles on grocery shelves anymore. (Submitted by Rick Walbourne)

"To my mind that's essentially a Zest pickle. The Habitant is more mustardy and that one is basically as far as I'm concerned just about identical, if not identical, to the Zest. I think it's probably Bick's way of cycling [the recipe].

"Coke changed the formula to the new Coke and they realized what kind of a disaster that was, so they brought back Coke Classic. Well this is Bick's way of reversing a big mistake without having to admit it."