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Beware of scammers claiming to be Canada Revenue Agency

RCMP are once again warning the public about another phone and email scam.
Fake Revenue Canada telephone scam 0:18

RCMP are once again warning the public about another phone scam.

Police say they've been swamped with complaints of people getting calls and emails from people claiming to be with Canada Revenue Agency.

They said, during the call, the scammers try to get people's personal information with the goal of stealing people's money.

According to police, the emails look professional enough to be mistaken for actually being from Canada Revenue Agency.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Boyd Merrill said it's a two-year old scam that's not going away.

"We've had hundreds, literally, and not just in Newfoundland and Labrador," he said.

"We've had hundreds of calls all over Canada. And in Newfoundland and Labrador we've experienced them on the Northern Peninsula, Central and around the Avalon Peninsula."

RCMP Staff Sergeant Boyd Merrill said people have been complaining about the same phone and email scam for two years. (CBC)

Merrill said the callers are aggressive and use threatening tactics when they get someone on the phone. 

The emails people have been forwarding to police claim to be of an urgent nature, and threaten serious implications if you don't respond.

"They try to scare you to act immediately, saying, 'Please click on the link,' or, 'Please hit this particular button,'" said Merrill.

"What you're actually doing is downloading viruses and malware on your computer so that they can actually steal your personal information."

Merrill said agencies like Revenue Canada simply don't work that way, and any such emails or phone calls should be reported to police.

"If you get a phone message saying it's from Revenue Canada, and that they want personal information from you, Revenue Canada doesn't do that."

"They never ask for personal information, they already have your personal information."


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