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Bernice Hillier is a host of CBC Newfoundland Morning, which airs weekday mornings across western and central Newfoundland, as well as southern Labrador.

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How a retired Mountie found a new beat working with food banks

A retired police officer in western Newfoundland spent 14 weeks during the pandemic on patrol for food bank donations. As some churches have reopened, Paddy McNeil said he'll stop the pickup service, at least for now.

Moved by George Floyd's death, this songwriter penned a powerful tune

A songwriter in N.L. has written an anti-racism song inspired by George Floyd's death. To ensure his lyrics show sensitivity to the topic, he connected with a Black jazz musician in Florida who works to combat racism.

Pandemic relief money no help to Corner Brook woman living on disability

Angela Peddle, who receives permanent disability benefits, says the money she gets isn't enough to live on, and it's well below the amount the CERB provides.

Pandemic won't stop the fun, say summer day camp organizers

Some summer day camps in N.L. are cancelled, but others are going ahead with smaller numbers, more sanitizing, and physical distancing.

Ontario man, 68, connects with Newfoundland family he never knew

An Ontario man says he can now fill in some missing branches of his family tree after finally connecting with his mother's birth family in western Newfoundland this spring, writes Bernice Hillier.

Last year, she got a new heart. Now she has cancer, and she's focused on the fight

"'Here we go again,'" thought Amanda Saunders, 23, when she received a new diagnosis. "But I also thought at the same time, 'Let's kick cancer's butt.'"

Cancer and a pandemic stole his last year of high school, but this student refuses self-pity

Josh Skinner, 18, could not wait to get back to class to see his friends for the final months of school. Then COVID-19 happened.

Worlds apart: N.L. teacher hopeful as lockdowns end for her students in China

Raelene Kean of Corner Brook is living through the pandemic for herself now, after first experiencing it virtually with her online students in China.

Corner Brook songwriter pens award-winning tribute to her father

Louise Gauthier wrote Il S'en Va as a way to work through her grief about her father's death. The French song has won a Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Award.

St. Anthony hospital 'on high alert' due to COVID-19 cases

St. Anthony hospital is tackling COVID-19 cases with widespread contact tracing and testing of people without symptoms

Haitian girl reunited with adoptive family in Canada after 10 years

The decade-long fight to get Widlene Earle to Canada to join her adoptive family is finally over, and it ended in a win.

In case of emergency, break glass: N.L. woman creates mosaic art

A woman in Corner Brook creates mosaic art from broken glass during the long winter months and, now, to help pass the time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ferry passenger says travellers returning from outside Canada put ship at risk

A Labrador man is upset and concerned about his elderly mother with cancer after some fellow passengers on the Strait of Belle Isle ferry didn't reveal they had been abroad.

Blowing kisses through the glass, N.L. family visits grandmother during COVID-19

In spite of visitor restrictions at the seniors' home where she lives, Evangeline Payne is maintaining a connection with family by having visits over the phone with her family standing outside her window.

Federal Court rules in favour of Newfoundland family in immigration battle

Vaden Earle has been trying for more than a decade to bring a Haitian teenager to Canada as part of his family.