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Bernice Hillier is a host of CBC Newfoundland Morning, which airs weekday mornings across western and central Newfoundland, as well as southern Labrador.

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The doctor is in, but won't see you: No psychiatrist for in-patients in St. Anthony

A St. Anthony man says he was so unwell last month that he was admitted to hospital but wasn't allowed to see a medical doctor who specializes in the specific health problem he was facing.

Corner Brook seniors hit with extra bill in cottages run by health board

Heat and light used to be included in the rent for seniors who live in affordable housing owned by Western Health, but not anymore — and while the health authority is lowering rent to compensate, tenants are worried they'll still wind up paying more.

Proposed mining project in Newfoundland is going for gold

Matador Mining is doing drilling and exploration for gold in southwestern Newfoundland and seeking government approval for a mine, mill, and processing operation.

Dead rats, old food are contaminating blue bags and fouling this recycling plant

The president of Scotia Recycling says he's seeing higher rates of contamination in blue bags at his Corner Brook plant than at other locations.

Gander Bay school bans single-use items and cuts waste

Students at Riverwood Academy in Gander Bay are sending less waste to the landfill, by bringing their own cups and cutlery.

'The first reality show'? Lloyd Colbourne says his TV program blazed new trails

Lloyd Colbourne tells the behind-the-scenes story of Newfoundland Outdoors, which aired on CBC from 1979 to 1995, in his new book.

Hands-on marine learning program left high and dry

Grade 8 science students in Western Newfoundland will no longer get hands-on experience through a fall boat trip on the Bay of Islands.

New Indigenous festival in Stephenville celebrates Mi'kmaq culture

The People of the Dawn Indigenous Friendship Centre and the Town of Stephenville have teamed up to create a new festival to highlight the culture and traditions of the Mi'kmaq people.

What bugs the bugs? N.L. research to fend off spruce budworm

Researchers with the Canadian Forest Service are studying the natural enemies of the spruce budworm, in an effort to prevent a future outbreak that could be devastating.

A Newfoundland artist's blood work was normal. His prostate cancer diagnosis was not

It's rare to see a diagnosis of prostate cancer in a man whose blood work comes back with normal results. But that's just what happened to Lloyd Pretty.

From the barroom to a bar of soap: This musician makes suds on the side

Allison Crowe is best known as a singer-songwriter, but she spends much of her spare time manufacturing colourful, beautiful soaps.

Family of Samantha Walsh opens museum and café in memory of murdered girl

Sam's Place opens on Sunday, not as a sombre tribute to tragedy, but as a celebration of life, peace and hope.

Bridled no longer: Artist re-interprets torture device to celebrate women's voices

A western Newfoundland artist is turning an instrument of torture into a feminist art project to amplify women's voices.

Sexual incidents in schools likely worse than reported, say victim advocates

Unwanted sexual behaviour is a reality in schools, according to those who work with victims, and new data from the province's English school district backs up those claims.

Corner Brook baseball association calls on local soil suppliers to step up to the plate

The baseball association in Corner Brook is scouting for a local company to make them a special ball field soil mixture.