Solemn mood hangs over Benoit's Cove in flooding aftermath

People in Benoit's Cove deal with the impacts of the wild weather that took the region by storm on Saturday.

Residents deal with property damage after a wild weekend of weather

It was an emotional day for Wally and Yvonne Jesso as they returned to their Benoit's Cove home, which was flooded during Saturday's heavy rainstorm. (Gary Moore/CBC)

It's been a heartbreaking weekend for Wally and Yvonne Jesso of Benoit's Cove. The elderly couple's home was submerged in water when a nearby brook overflowed during Saturday's heavy rainstorm.

Sunday morning the couple, along with family and friends, went back to the property to sift through the damage. Gerald Parsons was there to help his family deal with the aftermath.

"We're just trying to clean a bit of mess up this morning to see what we've got to put up with there and see what she can save and can't save," Parsons told CBC. 

Although the house is still standing, the damage inside the home is devastating for the family. 

An emotional Jesso family put on a brave face as they sorted through the mess of ruined furniture and waterlogged floors.

Parsons said the Jessos were coping "as good as can be for the mess they've got to put up with" on Sunday.

Wally and Yvonne Jesso of Benoit's Cove had their home mostly submerged in water early Saturday morning after a nearby brook overflowed. 0:54

It wasn't just the house that was affected by the flooding. The couple had vehicles completely submerged, and water levels were to the roof of the couple's shed. 

There were visible signs of damage to the vehicles, but it was too soon to tell if they would start again. 

As the Jessos were evaluating their home, neighbours in the community were also dealing with the aftermath of Saturday's storm.

People were out walking around town to assess the damage. One group of friends spent the morning digging up gravel on the side of the highway to truck it back to town, so they could patch up some of the washed-out driveways.

It's too soon to know how much all the damage will tally up to cost, but residents will remember this weekend for a lifetime.

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