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What kind of weather did soldiers face at Beaumont-Hamel?

CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon looked back to weather conditions 100 years ago, when the Newfoundland Regiment fought in the First World War battle.

The weather at Beaumont-Hamel, 100 years ago


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Ryan Snoddon looks at the conditions the Newfoundland Regiment faced in the trenches, and on the battlefield. 1:24

In northern France, Newfoundlanders would likely find the weather conditions in early July pretty familiar.

So too did Newfoundland Regiment soldiers who fought at Beaumont-Hamel on July 1, 100 years ago.

The rain was so heavy that the battle planned for June 29 was delayed  — to July 1.

And as the sun decided to shine, it made the Newfoundland Regiment and their reflectors easier targets for enemy snipers.

This Friday marks the 100-year anniversary of that infamous battle.

CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon looked back at what weather conditions would have been like when the soldiers from this province fought in the First World War battle that would see most of them killed.