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Banning plastic bags is only the beginning. What comes next?

We have a plan to ban plastic bags in NL. But do we have a plan for what comes next? A video commentary from Max Liboiron, a leading expert in marine plastics and associate professor at Memorial University.

Plastic grocery bags will soon be history in NL. But that's just Step 1

Newfoundland and Labrador is set to become just the second Canadian province to ban plastic grocery bags. And Max Liboiron couldn't be happier about it.

But she has a question: do we have a plan for what comes next? If not, the bag ban may not make a dent in the problem of plastic pollution. 

Memorial University associate professor Liboiron, a leading expert in marine plastics, says banning the bag is a great step, but the it's just the first step.

"Right now, there's been a co-ordinated response to ban the bag, but there isn't an equal co-ordinated response to find an alternative that is not other types of disposables," said Liboiron. "What are we going to provide that's different? What's going to be made available? Because that's what's getting used."

In this video commentary, Liboiron gives us her take on the bag ban, how to make sure it works, and where it fits in the broader goal of cleaning up our corner of the world.

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