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$1M Lotto Max win split between Baie Verte health-care workers

Maybe it's the luck of the Blue Jays that's put over $20,000 in each pocket of a group of health care workers in Baie Verte.

"He's the lucky man, so we're keeping him in the group," says winner Chris Howell of co-worker

Video from ALC: Baie Verte health workers split $1M LottoMax

7 years ago
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A group of 48 people are taking home over $20,000 after winning a cool million playing LottoMax

Maybe it's the luck of the Blue Jays that's put over $20,000 in each pocket of a group of health care workers in Baie Verte.

Forty-eight employees at the Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre are the winners of the $1 million Lotto Max from September.

"I'm a sports fanatic and I'm a bit superstitious so I have to have something positive happen before I can check things," said winner and trustee Kevin Vey.

"When the Blue Jays won, we decided to check a few tickets and it was only the fourth or fifth ticket that we checked through when we realized we won."

Any time there's a lottery jackpot above $15 million, the workers start collecting $7 from whoever wants to chip in on a few tickets.

Double lucky

Atlantic Lottery presented the cheque at the health centre's board room Wednesday afternoon. 

"A lot of people got stuff booked, trips booked and planning family vacations," said winner Chris Howell.

One man plans on starting an education fund for his three-year-old boy, Howell said.

"You don't really believe it at first. First when I heard it, I said, 'Yeah, I don't really believe it yet.'"

As for Vey, being a lotto winner isn't a new feeling.

He won $100,000 on Tag just 15 years ago.

"He's the lucky man, so we're keeping him in the group," Howell laughed.

Each person will take home $20,833. 


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