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Zach Goudie is a journalist and video producer with CBC in St. John's.

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Return to The Rooms: A last look at the treasures we found 'Inside the Vault'

From a century-old cello to 1970s moose badges, CBC N.L.'s "Inside the Vault" series features everyday objects from the past that help us understand who we are today. Now that the series is complete, we've collected all six parts in a single article for you to enjoy.

Retro moose badges were a hunter's humblebrag — and they still have style

How can you dress to impress at both a downtown hipster hangout and deep in the woods hunting moose? The answer: authentic, vintage moose badges. Today these badges are a hot collector's item, but not so long ago there was only one way to get them. Check out this deadly collection.

Get a taste of berry-picking history with this century-old jelly table

Have you ever seen (or even heard of) a jelly table? Berry pickers of today will appreciate this handy kitchen gadget from a century ago. See how it works in Part 5 of our "Inside the Vault" series.

An early women's regatta trophy tells a story bigger than sport

Today women rule the Royal St. John's Regatta, but before 1949 women weren't even allowed to race. In Part 4 of our "Inside the Vault" series, we have the story of a rare women's regatta trophy from 1955 and the fearless sisters who blazed a trail across the pond.

One of N.L.'s first married gay couples look back with pride

When Ontario legalized same-sex marriage in 2003, N.L. couple Robert Power and David Philpott jumped on a plane and headed for Toronto city hall. Twenty years later, their big day is featured in an exhibition at The Rooms celebrating weddings throughout N.L. history.

Heavy, itchy, and enormous: How sleeping bags used to roll

Could you carry this 70-year-old sleeping bag on a camping trip? Nigel Rusted used to, and he lived to be 104. In Part 3 of our summer series Inside the Vault, we'll unfurl this tent-sized sleeping bag and the story behind it.

Here's why this historic bait bucket is in ship-shape

In Part II of our summer series Inside the Vault, history curator Maureen Peters explains how this intricate object was used for fishing and fills in the tale behind the bucket's second life: as a decoration at the Newfoundland Store in Toronto.

This cello was 'the sound of Elliston' in 1850

The cello isn't known for playing folk music, or Newfoundland music. But in the town of Elliston in 1850, this cello provided the the soundtrack to people's lives.

The 'Tin Man shop' turns 40, and the party's in the window

In the shop windows of downtown St. John's, you'll see many nifty things to buy. But what's in, perhaps, the niftiest window of all isn't for sale. At Jenkins & Puddicombe Sheet Metal, a dozen tiny tin man figurines are having a kitchen party in the window for the shop's 40th anniversary.

Think dioramas are just for kids? Look closely and think again

Who's in the market for a 1/1000th scale model of Alcatraz? Or a miniature Machu Picchu? Steve Moores says you may be surprised.