Zach Goudie

Zach Goudie is a journalist and video producer with CBC in St. John's.

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This St. John's stylist is taking Black hair into her own hands

When Pearl Ashibuogwu moved to St. John’s, a Black hairstylist was hard to find. So she became one.

Here's the dirt: How moose poop is helping this biologist understand the ecosystem

Graduate student Makayla Swain is studying the effects of moose on forests in N.L. — and one of their biggest impacts comes in the form of poop. Because moose are not native to Newfoundland, the landscape is affected by their very presence, and by what they leave behind.

As lumber prices soar, retailers become the bearer of bad news

At Home Hardware in Witless Bay, owner Art Hicks is at his wit's end. For more than a year, he's been advising customers to delay building projects, due to the soaring costs of lumber. But now, he says, there are some people who can't afford not to build.

International students find shelter from pandemic storm on Signal Hill

International students Mariana Esquivel Suarez and Saman Bazmi are riding out the pandemic at Memorial University's Signal Hill campus. But when it began, they faced a stark choice: should they stay or should they go?

Ray Johnson unveils his massive model of the Titanic, years in the making

Famed folk musician Ray Johnson spent 12 years patiently building a huge replica of the world's most famous ship. Now he's launching it at a special show on the anniversary of the luxury liner’s sinking.

Artists from Nunatsiavut explain pieces chosen for new Inuit Art Centre

The inaugural exhibition at Winnipeg's new Inuit Art Centre features several works by artists from Nunatsiavut. Five of those artists told us about their pieces that were chosen for INUA, a stunning display of traditional and cutting edge styles of Inuit art.

This fainting goat is a star in Outer Cove — just don't expect to see her faint

Turnip is one of only two fainting goats in the province, and she's the star attraction at Rain Drizzle Farm in Outer Cove. Her famous habit of toppling over isn't a trick she can do on command, though.

An animated history of elections gone sideways in N.L.

If you think this election has gone off the rails, you should see what's in the history books.

Virtual birthday party marks 100 years of life, and 1 year of COVID-19

For many people alive today, the COVID-19 pandemic is the most difficult and challenging time they’ve ever witnessed. But for Pearl Crewe, it’s another chapter in a life that began during the Great Depression, and now spans a full century.

Your photos tell the story of lockdown life in N.L.

Tiny moments captured on camera help us see the big picture. Check out how people across the province are coping with life under lockdown, from working, learning, celebrating or just getting through the day.