Zach Goudie

Zach Goudie is a journalist and video producer with CBC in St. John's.

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Deon Cuza of St. John's has a pro cornhole contract in the bag

If you think cornhole is just a game for the backyard or the cabin, think again. Deon Cuza of St. John's is about to become Newfoundland and Labrador's first professional cornhole player, after winning a contract with the American Cornhole League. Cuza shares his pro tips on how to become the boss of toss.

This submersible takes passengers to the Titanic … and it has a toilet

You can often find interesting vessels in St. John’s harbour, but this one is about as special as it gets: a submarine, used for making exploratory dives to the wreck of the Titanic. Watch this video to get a look inside the sub, and see video of the Titanic on the ocean floor.

See the 'greatest xylophone player in the world' at Sound Symposium

Percussionist Bob Becker was introduced at St. John's Sound Symposium as the "greatest xylophone player in the world." He was quick to say he hated the title, but his performance made it hard to argue with. Becker gave a musical history lesson on the xylophone and marimba, thrilling the audience along the way.

Another turtle discovered near Bowring Park, raising fears of ecological damage

For the second time in a week, an abandoned pet turtle was spotted living in the waters near Bowring Park in St. John's.

This N.L. photography group is developing a darkroom for the whole community to use

When the one-hour photo developing business began to fade, a group of shutterbugs in St. John's decided to keep film photography accessible by establishing a community darkroom.

Turtle abandoned in Bowring Park, but rescuers aren't shell-shocked

There are many animals that make their home in Bowring Park, but a turtle isn't supposed to be one of them.

Closure of Brigus's E&E Drive In bittersweet for owners and community

Co-owner Tony Green announced earlier this month the restaurant would close its doors on Friday, a decision driven by an inability to hire staff and the owners' desire to spend more time with family.

Powwow preview: For this group, drumming is much more than music

For the members of Wape'k Muin, drumming comes from right from the heart — and speaks to the soul. 

See how punk rock took over suburban Mount Pearl

How did punk rock music and culture come to thrive in the genteel, suburban city of Mount Pearl? It's a story told in a new exhibit at Admiralty House Communications Museum. Follow the noise and dive in with this short documentary, Punk in The Pearl.

With long waits for a service dog, some folks are training their own

Beth Pratt has taught her dog to sit and roll over, but Windigo can also retrieve pill bottles and open wheelchair-accessible doors. It all started when Pratt applied to get a service dog to help with her disability. But when she discovered the waiting list was years long, Pratt decided to train her own pet dog instead.