Wanita Bates


Wanita Bates is a freelance writer, photographer and broadcaster in St. John's. She has won national and international awards for her work.

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A recipe that's been in the (human) family for years. Thousands of them, actually

On a weekend that celebrates food, contributor Wanita Bates thinks about recipes, and how they have changed through the years. “Our recipes have evolved from ancient stone tablets to searching the web on tablets we need to plug in,” she says.
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Here's why 'I told you so' may be the least helpful thing you can say 

They may only be four words, but put together, their smugness could harm your relationships, writes contributor Wanita Bates. 
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How's this for an uplifting story? My love-hate relationship with the bra

While the first bra was made of handkerchiefs and not invented until 1914, writes Wanita Bates, our breasts have been bound and supported in some way or another.
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He loved being 'crooked': I remember the day I rubbed John Crosbie's belly

When Wanita Bates moved to St. John's in 1996, she fell in love with the people, the accents, and the unique Newfoundland vernacular. So much so, she and her business partners created a line of T-shirts with some of those words and sayings.
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Miss manners? You bet I do! Why we need more civility everywhere we go

Manners used to matter. Come to think of it, they've always mattered, writes Wanita Bates.
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Anti-social media: Would it really kill you to put down that phone? 

Some describe their phone as a useful tool they use to stay connected. In fact, writes Wanita Bates, it's your bossy, whiny and demanding companion. 
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We need our ancestors: Lessons I've learned in cemeteries and the homes of strangers

A journey of discovery revealed my ancestors and I are connected, no matter how long ago they walked on the earth, writes Wanita Bates.
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Don't buy beauty products where you get office supplies, and other lessons

From how to properly eat an apple to beauty shopping at Staples, Wanita Bates learned some valuable lessons over the last 12 months.
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A heavy heart at the Christmas table: It's not always the most wonderful time of the year

December is a month filled with light and cheer. But, for contributor Wanita Bates — and so many others — there is always something missing.

What retail workers are dying to say to you, but can't

The customer isn't always right.