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Todd O'Brien is a journalist working with CBC's bureau in St. John's.

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DFO scientists' union says members' work in N.L. undermined by industry and political interference

The union representing scientists at Fisheries and Oceans Canada is accusing lobbyists, industry, senior members of the department and at least one politician of undermining the work of their members in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Major expansion of salmon aquaculture coming for N.L., to chagrin of critics

The Newfoundland and Labrador government will soon decide on who'll operate a new net-pen farmed Atlantic salmon operation on the south coast of the island.

Dive into a musical ode to a long-lost outport Newfoundland experience: The general store

Wayne Chaulk's song Baxter's Store describes a place and time deep in the heart of anyone who grew up in outport Newfoundland.

Small but efficient, this Harbour Main fish plant's focus is local

The Variety Foods fish plant in Harbour Main is not very big, but it is very busy. As Todd O'Brien writes, the company traces its history in the fishing fishing industry back through four generations.

With natural prey like capelin and shrimp in decline, cod are eating their young: DFO

The once mighty northern cod stocks' growth is stalled according to DFO science. Ecosystem conditions including a lack of food are contributing factors. Fish harvesters say in the bigger picture though, the numbers are moving in the right direction.

DFO says south coast cod numbers down, but groups critical of new data model

A new way of estimating the size of the stock indicates the area known as 3PS is worse than previously thought, and the numbers have dipped to a critical level.

All in on cod: Icewater Seafoods bets its future on the iconic fish

The Family-owned Arnold's Cove company is spending $10 million on the latest cod-processing technology and claims to be the only processor in North America dedicated full-time to Atlantic cod production.

Fish harvesters slam 'cartel-like behaviour' of some processors

The FFAW says there is a "co-ordinated effort" by several big companies, but the Association of Seafood Producers says that is categorically false.

Norwegian artist builds giant crab out of plastic trash, inspired by N.L. scientist

Perched over a crevice next to a coastal trail on the western tip of Norway sits a giant, plastic crab — and it's there partly thanks to Newfoundland.

New offshore shrimp deal means more processing — and more work — in N.L.

Up to 7,000 tonnes of industrial shrimp will be processed in Newfoundland instead of being shipped to Europe.