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Terry Roberts is a journalist with CBC's bureau in St. John's.

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Muskrat Falls contractors fighting release of compensation information

Seven senior contractors working on the Muskrat Falls project are fighting a request to Nalcor Energy to have their 2019 compensation data made public.

Cheating at MUN increasing in pandemic era of online learning

One of the consequences of a shift to online learning during the pandemic is an increase in cheating among students at Memorial University.

Last-minute flurry means some won't get a mail-in ballot, says Bruce Chaulk

A last-minute flurry to order a mail-in ballot means some will not get to vote, but Newfoundland and Labrador's chief electoral officer is offering very little sympathy for the latecomers.

Rough water ahead? Reduce ferry routes with few passengers, say most Vote Compass respondents

There appears to be very little support for maintaining the current level of service for ferry service routes with few passengers, according to those taking part in Vote Compass.

Vote-hungry politicians offer praise, reassurance to business community during economic recovery forum

Business leaders worried about possible tax hikes following the Feb. 13 provincial election are likely breathing a sigh of relief following an economic recovery forum.

Ford Mitchelmore is a 5-time election loser. But this Independent candidate keeps coming back

Green Island Cove resident Ford Mitchelmore is back for a sixth attempt at becoming a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador legislature.

A kinked bowel derailed his campaign. But Graydon Pelley says he's not finished with politics

The NL Alliance leader hasn't eaten solid food for nearly two weeks, but that hasn't diminished his appetite for Newfoundland and Labrador politics.

A candidate committed a crime: How long should they be held accountable for a mistake in the past?

The PC candidate for Humber-Bay of Islands is asking voters to forgive him for a violent incident eight years ago. As Terry Roberts writes, the case raises questions about a society's ability to forgive while holding people accountable for behaviour that crosses a line.

With N.L. on the financial brink, Crosbie targets Ottawa with promise to 'fight for fairness'

With Newfoundland and Labrador facing economic disaster, the PC leader suggested Friday that a new deal with Ottawa is the best hope for recovery — and that he's the leader best equipped to negotiate with the federal government.

Crosbie pledges to 'root out corruption' with penalties for broken promises

PC Party Leader Ches Crosbie says he will introduce legislation to elevate honesty and integrity in government to the highest standard in the country.