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Ryan Cooke works for CBC out of its bureau in St. John's.

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CN offers pension to widower after claims of LGBT discrimination

A man in Harbour Grace, N.L., has won the fight to get access to his late partner's railway pension after initially being denied because he was in a same-sex relationship.

CN withholding pension from gay widower over outdated definition of spouse

Ken Haire was devastated when his partner of 33 years, Gerry Schwarz, died in 2012. He was even more distraught when he learned he wouldn't see a dollar of the survivor benefits built into Schwarz's pension because CN Rail's plan did not recognize same-sex relationships at the time of his retirement.

How a powerful new documentary is keeping Hannah Thorne's memory alive

It's been nearly five years since Hannah Thorne, 18, was killed by two men drag racing on a narrow highway. Her mother hopes a new documentary will extend her life beyond her 18 short years.

Philip Pynn, facing 4 breaches of conditions, has case set over to May

Philip Pynn did not appear in court on Wednesday, though the mere utterance of his name had people craning their necks to see if he was coming through the double doors of courtroom 7.

Defence questions victim's PTSD diagnosis in Hatchet Cove shooting case

Defence lawyer Michael Ralph wants more information on Edison Avery's PTSD diagnosis and loss of income before he's ready to proceed with sentencing submissions.
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Love, grief and faith remain 1 year after COVID-19 upended life for C.B.S. man

A conversation about life and death with the first widower of the COVID-19 pandemic in Newfoundland and Labrador.

N.L. government ordered to pay legal fees for 10 HMP officers charged in Henoche case

CBC News has confirmed the province will be on the hook to pay 10 defence lawyers for their work defending 10 correctional officers charged in the death of Jonathan Henoche.

Government to reconsider child-care situation for essential workers if 'circuit breaker' extends

Some essential workers have tough decisions to make because their kids can't do schoolwork at their daycare centres. Daycare operators say a better solution is needed.

HMP officials knew about COVID-19 exposure last week, NAPE president says

The president of the union for correctional officers says the government's explanation for testing at Her Majesty's Penitentiary does not line up with facts.

Government takes heat for pre-lockdown denial of work-from-home to parenting employees

Some parents working for the provincial government were told last week that they couldn't work from home without child-care plans for their kids.