Ryan Cooke

Ryan Cooke is a multiplatform journalist with CBC News in St. John's. His work often takes a deeper look at social issues and the human impact of public policy. Originally from rural Newfoundland, he attended the University of Prince Edward Island and worked for newspapers throughout Atlantic Canada before joining CBC in 2016. He can be reached at ryan.cooke@cbc.ca.

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Equinor goes back to the drawing board as Bay du Nord's $16B price tag spikes

Equinor still feels the project can go ahead, just not at the cost once estimated. Newfoundland and Labrador's premier, meanwhile, is guaranteeing it goes ahead.

'If there's no Bay du Nord, what is there?': Reaction pours in from Equinor's bombshell news

Offshore oil veteran Rob Strong says Equinor's decision sends a stark warning to others in the offshore oil and gas industry — "If you can't produce it, don't drill it."

Meet the players behind 8 companies pitching green hydrogen projects in N.L.

Eight companies were given five minutes apiece to speak about their proposals to turn rural areas of Newfoundland into green hydrogen hotbeds.

Not just an oil expo: Energy N.L. conference kicks off with hubbub around hydrogen

For the first time in the group's history, Energy N.L. says its annual conference is sold out.

Convicted Mount Cashel brother turns up in Illinois child abuse investigation

Ronald Lasik was one of 451 credibly accused sexual abusers named in a report by the attorney general of Illinois. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for his role at Mount Cashel.

Retired Mountie with checkered past charged with sexual offences involving a minor

A retired police officer has been charged with historic crimes which allegedly happened during his time as a Mountie.

Parsons, Furey in the Netherlands to 'sell, sell, sell' Newfoundland as hydrogen powerhouse

Energy Minister Andrew Parsons is in Rotterdam this week pitching his province to European hydrogen players, and has signed an MOU with the largest port in Europe.

Suncor removes Terra Nova from 2023 projections, no timelines given for return to production

There's still no word on what exactly went wrong with the Terra Nova's refit in Spain, but it's now clear that the offshore oil vessel will not be returning to work in 2023.

How a decision by a jury in Maine could affect energy relations between Quebec and N.L.

It's time to set borders — and egos — aside, and pool hydroelectric resources along the Atlantic coast, experts say.

MUN's $22K legal bill on Matt Barter case reveals a lot about its priorities, says MUNSU

Memorial University's student union says the administration's decision to hire lawyers to fight an outspoken student in court is inexcusable, given the tight margins and poor infrastructure at the school.