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Roger Bill is a retired CBC Radio journalist.

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Let's cleanse the landscape of the name of a Beothuk killer

Two centuries ago, the name of the towering Blue Mountain Tolt in central Newfoundland was changed to honour a man who remains best known for killing Beothuk. The time is more than right, Roger Bill writes, to change it again.
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The pedestals were washed away: The sex abuse scandals that rocked the church in N.L.

It started with Father Jim Hickey. Then came Mount Cashel. Three decades later, veteran journalist Roger Bill looks back.
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What flim-flam is and how it took centre stage at the Muskrat Falls inquiry

The admission of lowballing costs reverberated at the inquiry throughout the week.

When public inquiries were public

A veteran journalist who remembers the inquiries into the Ocean Ranger disaster and Mount Cashel abuse scandal wonders if we'll get the full picture from the upcoming public hearings on Muskrat Falls.
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Muskrat Falls brings to mind N.L. government boondoggles of the past

The late, great columnist Ray Guy would appreciate the irony of Muskrat Falls, but that's cold comfort as power-rate reality hits.

Archbishop Penney's passing should keep history of sex abuse scandal alive

Former CBC journalist Roger Bill was at Penney's press conference in 1988, following the conviction of a priest, Jim Hickey.