Ramona Dearing

Ramona Dearing has worked as a reporter, host and producer at CBC's St. John's bureau.

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At this St. John's daycare, you're never too young to learn throat singing

The Turtle Island Childcare Centre in St. John's is teaching its young charges Inuit throat singing as a way to pass an ancient tradition forward.

Call for statue in St. John's to remember Shanawdithit, last of her people

There's a call for a more fitting memorial in St. John's to Shanawdithit, the last-known Beothuk, as well as a day to mark Indigenous history in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Critical Condition

'We're not just numbers here': Patients complain specialist wait times too long

Some people in Newfoundland and Labrador say they're facing shocking wait times to see medical specialists.
Stealing Innocence

How are children exploited online? It can start with a photo

Every student knows someone whose photo has been shared in a way that exploits them, says a police officer who spends her days investigating online predators.

Mount Pearl tech company looks outside province for skilled workers

Mount Pearl's Solace Power says it's just about exhausted the local market for skilled workers. It already has a team from around the world.

X marks the spot: Gemma Hickey breaks new ground with gender-neutral birth certificate

Transgender activist Gemma Hickey received a new birth certificate today. Hickey is not listed as female or male on the certificate, but rather as X.

Waiting for the resettlement package: Does the prospect keep people in rural towns longer?

Offering reduced services, ending payouts for people who resettle are just two suggested approaches to handling dwindling numbers in some Newfoundland and Labrador communities.
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Sex worker says clients with disabilities are 'just like anybody else'

Sex workers say they're making an important difference in the lives of clients with disabilities, who are sometimes both lonely and treated as non-sexual beings.
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'What does blind look like?': St. John's woman challenges myths

A St. John's woman who's visually impaired says she's tired of strangers asking her to do ad hoc vision tests.
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Steep ramps, inaccessible washrooms: Can we do it better?

From inaccessible public washrooms to ramps that can be prohibitively steep, people with mobility issues give a taste of the barriers they face daily.