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Rafsan Faruque Jugol is a CBC reporter in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Do you have a tip or any concerns? Email Rafsan at rafsan.faruque.jugol@cbc.ca

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As a Labrador woman fights Alzheimer's, her family fears she'll be moved from her home of 51 years

Angela Hardy says there are no viable options near Wabush for her mother, who was diagnosed in November. As a result, she's worried her mother will be sent to Happy Valley-Goose Bay — or even Corner Brook.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay looks at creating Labrador's first daily public bus service

The proposed routes would connect Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Sheshatshui and North West River.

Lotteries Act change could hurt ability of gambling victims to find justice, MHA says

A new piece of legislation before Newfoundland and Labrador's House of Assembly could stop residents diagnosed with a gambling addiction from pursuing a class-action lawsuit, critics warn.

Here's how a vast subsea cable involving Norway could improve internet service in Inuit communities

A subsea network that would stretch from northern Canada to Norway could open a path for significantly better internet connectivity in Inuit communities.

After 62 years, this Innu woman was finally able to see her mother's artwork

Family heirlooms are often tucked away in someone's basement. For Germaine Benuen, they were stored in the Canadian Museum of History.

The N.L. government is pushing the electric car — but Labrador's infrastructure is lagging behind

A high-speed charging network thrilled electric vehicle owners in Newfoundland this summer, but drivers and dealers in Labrador aren't as chuffed.

This artist created a mural to pay tribute to the history of hard-working women in the fishery

A Petty Harbour painter drew on historical inspiration for a new community-minded work.

The heyday of wooden boats may be in the past, but this museum is keeping the tradition alive

Even though boats made of wood are no longer popular in the fishery, the Wooden Boat Museum in Trinity Bay is carrying on a heritage that dates back centuries, and which has involved countless families.

Bell Island's got an explosive problem — and these military divers are back to defuse it

The Joint Task Force Atlantic has returned to Newfoundland waters to finish a job begun two years ago: removing ammunition and explosives from vessels sunk during the Second World War.

After 58 years, a fisherman calls it a day — after landing one last giant catch

For more than half a century, Peter Marche has made his living on the water. Now he's going out in style.