Prajwala Dixit


Prajwala Dixit is a journalist, columnist, playwright and writer in St. John's.

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Whose mask tab is it, anyway? Why pandemic protection is a touchy issue in the service economy

There are no set regulations to govern what pandemic protection Newfoundland and Labrador employers must provide to their workers. As Prajwala Dixit reports, the issue is especially pointed with service jobs that often involve higher risks and lower wages.

Anaconda Mining fires employee for racist, homophobic social media posts

A St. John's man says he's happy with the actions taken by a mining company with operations in Newfoundland and Labrador after he reported an employee's racist and homophobic posts.

Closure of Water Street pedestrian mall draws mixed reactions

While some are sad to see the pedestrian mall close and others welcome the change, St. John's Mayor Danny Breen has already committed to bringing the mall back next year.

What does 2020's pandemic have in common with the 1992 cod moratorium? More than you think

The shockwaves that Eugene Maloney, a fifth-generation fisherman, felt when the cod fishery collapsed are familiar to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Prajwala Dixit.

N.L. Hindu community celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi, with a pandemic twist

The annual idol immersion at Middle Cove Beach was small in numbers but strong in prayers, as part of a larger 10-day celebration that combined traditions with public health measures.

Water Street drag show raises physical distancing concerns at pedestrian mall

An estimated 300 people gathered on Water Street to watch the performance.

For people with disabilities, mannequins can hurt — not help — the shopping experience

Mannequins dressed in the clothes offered by stores are a key part of the clothes-shopping experience. But for people with disabilities, the mannequins can be bitter reminders of exclusion.

Indigenous theatre actors, underrepresented on stage, detail their experiences

Mi’kmaq actors Gordon White and Elizabeth Hicks unpack their experiences in the arts scene, both within Newfoundland and Labrador and across the country.

Eid in the bubble: Muslims in N.L. celebrate festival in a brand new way

This year, with the coronavirus raging across the world, Eid al-Adha celebrations are starkly different for Muslims across the world, including those who call Newfoundland and Labrador home. 

Despite pandemic, the show must go on for Rising Tide Theatre

Theatre companies across the world have chosen to remain closed for the season — even Broadway has not been immune to the pandemic — but a troupe in the idyllic town of Trinity is resisting trend.