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Peter Cowan is a St. John's-based reporter with CBC News.

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After 31 years, and many backaches, the House of Assembly is retiring its sealskin chairs

Apart from matching the green carpet, the chairs in Newfoundland and Labrador's legislature also have a unique bit of provincial history.

Muslim teenage sisters call out racist attack in St. John's

Two Muslim youths say a man yelled racist slurs and slapped one of them outside a fast-food restaurant where they work.

Haggie downplays cyber-risk 'business proposal,' says threat assessment found no red flags

Health Minister John Haggie is minimizing the significance of a report that was critical of cybersecurity issues at Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest health authority two years ago.
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Long before N.L. cyberattack, report flagged flaws in system

Israeli cyber experts who reviewed information security arrangements at Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest health authority confirmed “numerous vulnerabilities, security concerns and compliance issues” that needed to be addressed within its network.
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Furey promises to release time spent practising medicine as government blocks his billing info

Records obtained by CBC News show the N.L. premier has spent only a handful of days working as a doctor, but the provincial government is blocking the release of key information.

Little resistance to vaccines at MUN campus, with 87% fully vaccinated

Vaccination rates at Memorial University are much higher than the province as a whole, and the university says it's faced little resistance to its requirement that staff and students get the shot.

N.L. has plenty of COVID vaccine supply, now it lacks people coming forward for first shots

In the early days of the province's COVID-19 vaccine roll out, there were more arms than doses to go around, but now, few new people are stepping up to get their shots.

'Health-care heroes' let Furey turn a page on flip-flops and earn N.L. some good PR

After a series of fumbles, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Andrew Furey got a big win this week, writes Peter Cowan, and that could pay off — not just for him but for the province's negotiations for financial help.

The White House has more cases of COVID than all of N.L.; here's why

You can tell from the low number of cases that people in Newfoundland and Labrador have been taking precautions, writes Peter Cowan. The same can't be said about other places, including the White House.

Worried about the Atlantic bubble? Here's why experts say the risk is low

There is a lot of fear around allowing travel within Atlantic Canada. But is it warranted? Here's how experts respond to common concerns