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Paula Gale is the host and producer of Weekend AM on CBC Radio One, based in St. John's. She's been a journalist in Newfoundland and Labrador for more than 20 years. Her email is

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Unique and authentic: Deantha Edmunds lets go of the rules for her latest album

It would be difficult to put opera singer Deantha Edmunds's latest album into a specific category. The Corner Brook-raised soprano describes it as "contemporary-classical-Indigenous-ish."

First Listen: How the Silver Wolf Band became more sure of their sound

There's No Time is the fourth album for Labrador's Silver Wolf Band. Vocalist and guitar player Jamie Jackman says the group is "finally at a point where we're so much more sure of ourselves."
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Traditional Chinese musician Jing Xia's debut album is her way to 'give back' to N.L.

Zheng player Xia is finishing her PhD in ethnomusicology at Memorial University but has also found time to release her first solo album, The Numinous Journey.
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Singer-songwriter David Hart fulfils longtime dream on his latest album

Singer-songwriter David Hart, originally from Labrador, has lived in Quebec for more than a decade.

Tenor Matthew Cooper and pianist David Chafe create magic on first album

New classical album Gently Wake showcases the vocal talents of the old guard and a new kid on the block.
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Singer-songwriter Selina Boland's stage name and album inspired by childhood poem

Selina Boland of St. John's, who performs as an electronic musician under the name "Chalk," revisited a poem she wrote as an eight-year-old, about finding a chalk rock on the ground and doodling with it.

Love and legacy: Celtic Fiddlers founder Korona Brophy releases 1st solo album

Celtic Fiddlers founder, music teacher and instrumentalist, Korona Brophy has released her first solo album, called Heart to Heart.
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N.L. folk duo Quote the Raven can't keep still

Quote the Raven's new album, Can't Hold the Light, was written while the folk duo was touring Canada, before the pandemic.

This N.L. artist is on a mission to make people visible after dark

Anne Pickard-Vaandering designs high-visibility clothing to keep pedestrians safe.

N.L. playwright a finalist for Governor General's Literary Award

Writer and actor Paul David Power is having a moment. His play Crippled is a finalist in the Governor General's Literary Awards and he's also representing Newfoundland and Labrador in the first Disability Atlantic Arts Symposium.